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Ladies and Gentlemen,....Veda Ann Borg

The Adventures of Superman television show was never short of including beautiful woman among its guest. To list a few; Aline Towne, Dani Nolan, Allen Roberts, Gloria Saunders, Jane Adams, Lois Hall, Veola Vonn, Jane Frazee, Doris Singleton, Yvette Dugay, Jeanne Dean, Toni Carroll, Kay Morley, Marjorie Owens, Carolyn Scott, Gloria Talbot, Lyn Thomas, Lilyan Chauvin, Laurie Mitchell, Eve McVeigh and every TAoS fan favorite, Joi Lansing.

The reason for this page is inspired by two sources, both originating from Glass House Presents. The first is a write up at Colete's View by Colete Morlock. Throughout this page you'll find many wonderful and interesting mini-biographies, including a very thorough and nicely done feature on actress Veda Ann Borg. The second inspiration comes from what I like to refer to as Bruce Dettman's "Wonder Years with the Adventures of Superman." Bruce's In Retrospect presents to us his childhood reflection of The Stolen Costume, which of course includes Veda Ann Borg.

Veda Ann Borg is among the many beautiful woman listed above. I hope you enjoy this vintage magazine page from MOVIE STARS Parade, dated June 1942. Her beauty is undeniable.

For fan's of TV's Superman, Veda is best known for her role as "Connie" opposite Dan Seymore's "Ace" in 1951 season's The Stolen Costume. This classic episode is typically listed among most fan's top 10 favorite episodes.


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Lou (May 5, 2009)   


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