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Lou Koza: New Editor to TAC

Hi Folks, As some of you already know starting January 1st, 2006, I will be the Editor of Jim Nolt's The Adventures Continue web-site. Basically, I will be involved with the maintenance and updates of the site regarding new points of interest, scoops of news and articles. Over the years I've come to know, (wow it just hit me) a lot of people because of my interest with TAC. How does a person like myself quantify the number of good people with whom I've been fortunate to communicate...first through letters (before e-mail), then Internet e-mails, then personal meetings at celebrity shows, celebrations and birthday parties? Well, it would be like trying to count the number of jelly beans in a jar. Maybe Clark Kent will help me like he did with Mrs. Exbrook in The Unlucky Number. The numbers are staggering when I reflect on it for just the moment with great appreciation for all the many friends I've developed since 1988. It really has been fun to meet people, putting "The Face and the Voice" together, and discussing our favorite star and television show with tremendous pride.

And so while my thoughts are that of TAC being about George Reeves, Noel Neill, Jack Larson, Phyllis Coates, John Hamilton, Robert Shayne, Whitney Ellsworth, Robert Maxwell, Tommy Carr, Lee Sholem, Joe Biroc, Sterling Holloway, Ben Welden, Philps Tead, Dan Seymore, Steve Carr, Claude Akins and so many more, I also come to realize how important TAC is because of its readership. These readers have come together as authors, researchers, historians and simply those who contribute just by wanting to learn more and more about George Reeves. In short, it's about you too.

I wonder if any of you can remember where you were when you first heard of The Adventures Continue. For me, I had just come home from visiting a local comic book store. Before sitting down to dinner I quickly thumbed threw a monthly comic book industry magazine called Amazing Heroes to see what the industry had on the horizon.  I came across this eye raising article you see below. As you will note at the bottom of the page, it's dated May 1988. This was the year Superman was celebrating his 50th year anniversary.  During this time, Time magazine had Superman as its main feature, Lorne Michael's of Saturday Night Live fame produced an hour long retrospect on the Man of Steel for CBS, and John Byrne, a highly regarded talent in the comic book industry was revamping the Superman legend. This was all kicked off by Noel and Jack along with Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame visit to NY's DC Comics office. Entertainment Tonight also did a segment on the history of Superman which included an especially warm tribute to George Reeves. So 1988 was an exciting year for the character and for George, whose fans could begin to fully appreciate his life and career now beginning to be uncovered in the pages of The Adventures Continue.

I immediately contacted Don Rhoden and learned I had missed the first issue, and that TAC # 2 was on the horizon. In addition, Don informed me Jim Nolt would be publisher starting with issue 3. I soon received the second issue and was completely overwhelmed by it. Finally, there is a publication dedicated to George Reeves. The cover sported a beautiful current photo of Phyllis Coates, along with an interview inside. The issue also contained new information regarding George Reeves beyond what we already learned from Gary Grossman's Superman: Serial to Cereal. Within a month, by what can only be explained as an intervention of a higher authority I found TAC # 1 at a NYC comic book/memorabilia show. The vendor had only one copy. I mean, really the odds of finding this original issue was slim to none, therefore what other explanation can there be?

Shortly thereafter, Jim Nolt kicked off a George Reeves tribute ad in Variety. And because of Jim's genuine good intentions for this tribute, from that moment on I knew this was going to be a special asscociation. So for those who missed out on the first media introduction of The Adventures Continue, this is for you. Credit Dwight Decker for this TAC introduction.

And so, where do we go from here? Well...I have a couple of projects that are in the infancy stage. And within days we'll have an interesting page showcasing some 3D Superman images from Rich Taylor. From there, it's day to day and with your help we can make this fun and challenging for everyone interested.

Finally, I want to say it is a great honor to be part of The Adventures Continue. Just those three simple words assembled together has influenced so many readings full of wonder, extraordinary experiences and wonderful friendships for me.

To Jim Nolt: THANK YOU.

Keep Smiling,

Lou (January 2006)



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