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Chris Brockow

August 15, the day before...

Early Friday afternoon Helen and I met with an old friend, Jeffrey Breslauer, for lunch. We have been friends for years and we enjoy his company. We ate at Outback, which was right outside our hotel. That was the beginning of the George Reeves Celebration for us.

After lunch, we said good-bye to Jeff and got ready to go to Warren's Blackboard for a get together with the George Reeves group. I call it a “Meet and Greet.” I wore a 1955 or 1956 George Reeves S t-shirt for the occasion. When we got there, we met so many other fans, I knew from seeing everyone else wearing the Adventures of Superman S t-shirts that I belong with this group. The t-shirts were designed by Charlie Rose and he had many available for us.

Jody McGhee saw us and was one of the first to introduce himself. Helen and I then met Michael and Amanda Prince, Bobby Ryan, and Victoria Bigelow.

A humorous moment came when one of the young waiters saw us and said “You are all wearing the 'Old School' S. Don't you like the new Man of Steel Superman?” We all said in unison “NO!” The waiter looked at us and said “Oh.” and went about his business. We all felt the same way about that movie. To us it is 2 ½ hours of video game violence. I am in other Superman groups too. The topic of Man of Steel comes up and the groups have different opinions. Some loved it and said it was “Epic” and it brought the Superman franchise back. Some did not like the new movie, but this was the first group where we all felt the same.

I was then talking with Michael and he is a very talented man. He can impersonate Jack Benny. He has Jack's voice, inflection and mannerism. I was blown away by his impression. The night ended, Helen and I went back to our hotel and could not wait for the next morning. I felt like I made new friends who had the same “Likes” as I did.

I would like to conclude with this statement: Let's all stay in touch with one another.

You can get a hold of me through Facebook or you can e-mail me at

Hope to hear from you.

Posted August 31, 2014

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