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John E. Petty & Grey Smith


Heroic Serial Posters of the Golden Age

Foreword by Superman's "Lois Lane" Noel Neill

Publisher: Ivy Press, Inc., Dallas Texas


For those interested in the movie serials of long ago, this book is highly recommended. This 8"x11" soft-cover, 308 page book provides brief bio's of the serial's leading cast members, and a history of the film and characters that many enthusiast have come to greatly admire. Bio's for Kirk Alyn, Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery, Tom Tyler, Buster Crabbe, Dick Purcell, Linda Sterling, Ralph Byrd, Bob Steele, and Roy Barcroft are among the many.

Foremost, this is an excellent collector's guide to anything paper related to these films, such as lobby cards, window cards, half sheets through six sheets and banner sizes. Many rare and wonderful color images are shared with an expert view of what has become difficult to find and why.

Interesting to note is the book list an impressive chronology of every serial released from 1912 through 1956. Details include release dates, number of chapters, name of studio, stars and directors. So if you have ever been the slightest bit curious, this list clarifies details of the entire serial industry history.

It was nice the authors thought of Noel Neill to provide the book's Foreword. Noel rose to the occasion and captured an on-target spirit of the movie serials.

The authors hint at a possible second edition depending on the sales success of this entry. Based on the quality of this book, I'm extremely hopeful since there is a very good chance it will include a chapter focused on The Adventures of Sir Galahad. As we all know this matinee feature starred Mr.George Reeves in the lead role. While this serial was not high on George's list of career highlights, nonetheless I've no doubt based on what I've seen so far with this book the authors will treat the subject with great respect.

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August 17, 2009


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