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The Legendary Lydecker Brothers

By Jan Alan Henderson

Published by Michael Bifulco


Theodore and Howard Lydecker worked in the Hollywood film industry long before the advent of computer generated imagery (CGI). In those days, exciting and realistic action scenes had to be filmed in real time. Known throughout the industry as the “Miniature Men,” they were in fact giants in their field of creating detailed scale model ships, trains, planes, and automobiles. While these carefully crafted models performed on large-scale landscapes or backlot water tanks, all manner of mayhem and chaos would be inflicted upon them as the cameras rolled at carefully calculated film speeds. The Lydeckers produced some of the most thrilling and authentic action sequences on a shoestring budget.

Primarily remembered for their outstanding visual effects in the Republic Pictures cliffhanger serials, they were often required (it was their job) to enhance the studio’s feature films. When the script called for spectacular destruction, the Lydeckers delivered onscreen production value with economy the executives of the other picture studios could only imagine.

This book presents an overview and some illustrated remembrances of the “Legendary Lydecker Brothers” and their outstanding contribution
to special visual effects.

The book is a 7x10 trade paperback, 196 pages, and retails for $24.95.
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