Artwork Inspired by George Reeves


Happy 4th of July

Created to celebrate July 4, 2007.

George’s profile comes from the classic episode, Panic in the Sky.  I added the cape.

George Flying in a Maxfield Parrish Sky

This image is the result of a collaboration between Carl Glass and myself.  Carl snapped the photo of the incredibly beautiful Maxfield Parrish sky.  I added George from one of the color episodes and enhanced the cape slightly.

In Honor of Memorial Day

George’s image from Superman and the Mole-Men has been inserted into a photograph of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.  I enhanced the cape quite a bit.  I would encourage you, if you haven’t already done so, to pay a visit to this  monument.  It is a beautiful tribute to all those who served in WW II.

by Richard Potter

Stalwart Champion

I’m not sure where this image of George comes from.  I don’t think it’s from any particlar episode, so I’ve always assumed it was a publicity shot.  In any case, it’s a  classic.

George Flying over the Hudson River.

George’s image comes from Panic in the Sky as he returns to Earth after successfully destroying the asteroid that threatened the planet.

George Reeves Forever Banner for May 2009

George’s image was lifted from The Unlucky Number.  I had to straighten out his arms; in the original scene he’s reaching for a horseshoe.

Shield on the Water

George’s S-shield appears within a sundog (aka parhelion) on the water.  Created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of George’s passing (June 16, 1959).

Merry Christmas 2011

George Flying over the Earth

George’s figure is actually the mirror image of a frame from the flying scene in The Clown Who Cried.  The S-shield was also a mirror image, so it had to be specially corrected by hand.

Happy Holidays 2010

George’s S-shield formed out of red ribbon with gold trim, surrounded by a Christmas wreath.

Happy Hanukkah 2009

George’s image was taken from The Girl Who Hired Superman.  I especially liked the way the colors of the candles in the menorah matched the colors in George’s uniform.  X-ray vision sure comes in handy!