Memphis Film Festival 2008

June 5-7, 2008


Over the weekend of June 5-7, 2008 I participated as a vendor at the Memphis Film Festival (which was actually not held in Memphis, but rather in Olive Branch, Mississippi, about 15 minutes outside of Memphis).  Noel Neill was one of the celebrities at this event, celebrating 70 years of Superman (who made his first appearance in Action Comics #1, issued June 1938) and 75 years of the Lone Ranger (who made his radio debut on station WYXZ in Detroit on January 30, 1933).  In addition to continuous and concurrent screenings of movies and old TV shows in four viewing rooms from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm each day, the festival included memorabilia, collectibles, the Panel of Stars, and other forms of entertainment.  There were even two radio drama re-enactments -- one from the old Superman radio show (guess which part Noel read) and the other from the Lone Ranger radio show.

One thing that made this show special was that when they focused on Superman, it was on the George Reeves version of the character.  Several of the guest celebrities were former child stars who at some point in their careers appeared on the Adventures of Superman.  One  event featured a panel discussion in which all these folks participated, including Noel Neill.  They phoned in Jack Larson at the same time and I got to ask Jack a question.  ("What was it like being in the flying rig for the filming of ‘All That Glitters’?"

A wonderful group photo of some of the George Reeves fans who made it to this event.

From left to right: David Orbach (aka Mr. X), Gail McIntyre, Jody McGhee, Richard Potter, Jim Nolt, Randy Garrett, Lou Koza, Mike Goldman.  (Not pictured: Dennis Lark.)

(Photo courtesy of Jim Nolt)

Dennis Lark, surrounded by the beautiful stars of the festival.

Superman panel discussion (listening to Jack Larson, who had been dialed in long distance and was on speaker phone).  The panel was moderated by Bruce Scivally and included Noel Neill and Jim Nolt.

With Bruce Scivally, author of Superman on Film, Television, Radio and Broadway.

Surrounded by some of the beautiful ladies of the Adventures of Superman: Gigi Perreau, Janine Perreau, Beverly Washburn, and Noel Neill.

Janine Perreau, in Joey.

Greg Moffett, in The Stolen Elephant.

Beverly Washburn in Superman and the Mole Men.

Beverly Washburn with the Lone Ranger.

With Noel Neill.

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Lark)

Noel Neill and Dennis Lark.

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Lark)

Greg Moffett and Dennis Lark.

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Lark)

Seated at my vendor’s table.

Gigi and Janine Perreau

(Photo courtesy of Gail McIntyre)

Beverly Washburn

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Lark)

As always, Larry Ward, Noel’s biographer, accompanied her to the event.  Here we see him pictured with one of the treasures he found at the festival -- a rare movie poster for Vacation Days.  Unfortunately, the picture is cut off at the bottom, but if you look closely, you can see why this poster held particular interest for Larry.

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Lark)

With David Orbach and Gail McIntyre.

(Photo courtesy of Gail McIntyre)

Mike Goldman

Stephanie Perrin

Gigi Perreau - a great glamour shot.

Greg Moffett with the big guy himself.

Noel on her super-chopper.

Autographed Photos

Janine Perreau and Noel.

by Richard Potter