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Welcome to the TAC Library. Here you will find recommended books and DVDs. Most of the books shown here are in some way related to George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman and/or are authored by contributors to The Adventures Continue magazine and website. I sincerely hope you'll find several among them that will provide you with both entertainment and knowledge. And should anyone attempt to interfere with your literary pursuits, send out for one of Joe's steaks.



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By Michael Bifulco

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. Rocky Jones was the first filmed space television show, and features the stunning photographic effects of Jack R. Glass, whose work thrilled so many of you in seasons 2 through 6 in The Adventures of Superman. This book is available from Amazon, and is priced at $20.00.

Also available from Cremo Studios and Amazon,
Forgotten Horrors Volumes 5 & 6 by Michael H. Price, John Wooley, and Jan Alan Henderson.

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Complete review with a collection of images dedicated to the first live-action incarnation of Superman on the silver screen. Veteran serial actor, Kirk Alyn, gave movie goers an outstanding performance as both Clark Kent and Superman in spite of the low budget production values, and although he did not continue the work on the television series of the 1950s, he will always hold a respectable place in the evolution of America's favorite action hero. Book includes none other than Noel Neill as Lois Lane, Tommy Bond as Jimmy Olsen, and Pierre Watkin as Perry White.

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The book is light years ahead of the 1988 and 1998 editions. It's packed with fantastic b&w vidcaps complementing the episode synopsis.

Don't let this book slip by.



Stephen L Brooks

The Raid - In the early morning hours, the ATF raids the home of Ron Gardner. Then somebody starts killing off ATF agents.

The Raid II - ATF agents go undercover to learn who is selling handguns to school kids. The players are many and reach deep.

See also Lost Adventures on this website.

Kirk Hastings

1) Doo Wop Motels: Architectural Treasures of the Wildwoods

2) What Is Truth?: A Handbook for Separating Fact from Fiction in a Propaganda-Filled World


The Infinity Man

He Was The Strongest Man Ever Built

No one knew where he came from. Even he didn’t know.
But he had to find out.

On thing he did know—he was the perfect combination of man and machine: the conscious rational intellect of a human being, combined with the unstoppable power of an artificial metallic construct. And he considered humans -- with their ever changeable emotions, corruptible character, and feeble physical bodies -- to be totally inferior.

If he decides to set himself against the human race, will mankind survive?

Copies can be ordered through Amazon or your local book store.

4) See also Lost Adventures on this website.

Mike Curtis

By George

by Mike Curtis, writer and publisher
Mike can be reached at

Mike Curtis

Strange Visitor From Another Planet

by Mike Curtis

A follow-up to By George.

Mike can be reached at

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Peter Murano

Superman Companion

by Peter Murano.
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Jan Alan Henderson

The Legendary Lydecker Brothers

by Jan Alan Henderson
Published by Michael Bifulco

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Carl Glass of Glasshouse Presents interviews Jan Alan Henderson.

Jan Alan Henderson

Speeding Bullet: The Life and Bizarre Death of George Reeves
The second edition

by Jan Alan Henderson and publisher Michael Bifulco

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Jan Alan Henderson and Steve Randisi

Behind the Crimson Cape

by Jan Alan Henderson
and   Steve Randisi
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John E. Petty and Grey Smith

Capes, Crooks & Cliffhangers
Heroic Serial Posters of the Golden Age

by John E. Petty & Grey Smith
Foreword by Superman's "Lois Lane" Noel Neill
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Michael J. Hayde

Flights of Fantasy:
The Unauthorized but True Story of
Radio & TV's Adventures of Superman.

Cover by Randy Garrett
For more information click here and Michael J. Hayde.

Also available from is Michael's book,
My Name is Friday: The Unauthorized but True Story of Dragnet and the Films of Jack Webb

Jerry Zezima

Leave It to Boomer:
A Look at Life, Love and Parenthood
by the Very Model of the Modern Middle-Age Man

Jake Rossen

Superman Vs Hollywood


Bruce Scivally

Superman on Film, Television,
Radio and Broadway

Gene Lebell

The Godfather of Grappling

by Gene LeBell

Gene was George's friend and personal physical trainer.
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Gary Grossman

Superman: Serial to Cereal

Purchase a mint copy of Gary Grossman's
Superman: Serial to Cereal
direct from Gary Grossman.

Now only $29.95.

Gary Grossman

Executive Action

By Gary Grossman

Available at

(Fans of the Adventures of Superman will notice some familiar character names)

Gary Grossman

Executive Treason

By Gary Grossman
Available at

(Guess who comes to the rescue in this one? See page 488)

Chuck Harter

Superboy and Superpup: The Lost Videos

Starring Johnny Rockwell and Billy Curtis
A companion book by Chuck Harter

Price: $20, plus $5.00 first class shipping.  Total cost: $25.00

For those interested send check or money order to:
Chuck Harter
6906 Treasure Trail
Los Angeles, CA 90068-1838

Jack Larson

The Astronaut's Tale

From Jan Alan Henderson on January 24, 2004: I spoke with Jack Larson, and he informs me that an Astronaut's Tale was released by Albany Records. Jack wrote the libretto and narrates this wonderful opera. It is available at Tower Records outlets as well as It has a terrific cover by one of the finest artists of our time, David Hockney.

Brian Asawa

More Than A Day

Order More Than A Day from
For background information on this CD, read "From The Editor."


Michael Bifulco

Spaceman Lost

by Michael Bifulco
Review by Ralph Schiller
Review by Scott Summitt

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Michael Bifulco

Superman On Television: Tenth Anniversary Edition

by Michael Bifulco
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Pam Munter

When Teens Were Keen

by Pam Munter
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This four-disc DVD collector's set was released on July 24 from Infinity Entertainment and Falcon Picture Group. The series featured many of Hollywood and Broadway's most legendary stars, including Boris Karloff, Charlton Heston, Paul Newman, Rod Steiger, Anne Bancroft, Jack Lemmon, John Forsythe, Hume Cronyn, Peter Lorre, Leslie Nielsen, Eva Gabor, Lloyd Bridges, Jack Palance, Jack Klugman, George Reeves, Lee Marvin, Eva Marie Saint, Jackie Cooper, Stella Adler, Joan Blondell, Cloris Leachman, Brian Keith and many others. (Another 60 lost episodes should soon follow.)

The Adventures of Superman
on DVD


Adventures of Superman
Season 1


Adventures of Superman
Season 2


Adventures of Superman
Seasons 3 and 4


Adventures of Superman
Seasons 5 and 6

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