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George Reeves appeared in many movies during the 40s and 50s. He also appeared in numerous live television dramas in the early 50s and made guest appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, Masquerade Party, Art Linkletter's House Party, The Tony Bennett Show, and I Love Lucy. Of course he is best know for his role in the Adventures of Superman. This page will feature my favorite scenes from the sources listed above and will change frequently.

Superman is radioactive

"Superman In Exile"

No! It can't be! Your whole body radioactive... forever!

Superman is radioactive


Calling Civil Defense

Allen: Project X calling Civil Defense. Project X calling Civil Defense. Come in, Civil Defense.


Clark slips out! 

Allen: You've just heard what the professor said. There may be an explosion at any moment... worse than a hundred atom bombs.


Prof. Adams explains

Professor Adams: I'm afraid even you can't stop this terrible thing, but... if you can remove the center rod from this center aperture and insert it in aperture B-74... that's this one... it might just work.


Superman brings the nuclear pile under control

Professor Adams: He's done it. He stopped it!
Allen: Attention Civil Defense. Sound the "all clear." The danger from the nuclear pile has been brought under control.


Superman realizes the danger.


Superman: But it's new isn't it, and you haven't quite figured on how to handle it, have you?

Prof. Adams: The radiation? No. That's why we started to break up the pile the moment we discovered it. It's too dangerous. Anything contaminated may stay that way forever.


Lois gets suspicious

Lois: Clark says he can't come come back. And why can't he... unless... unless he's Superman?


Superman develops a plan

Superman: A counteracting shock of some kind.


Superman flies into lightning

Superman forces the plane to land


Lois' suspicions continue


Clark: Well, Superman had a hunch that if he exposed himself to the full fury of an electical storm it might neutralize the radiations he'd absorbed. Well it worked!

Lois: Oh it did, ay? And I suppose if Superman isn't radioactive anymore, you aren't either.

Clark: Me? Radioactive? I should say not. See... this is a geiger counter. If I were radiactive this gadget would be clicking away like mad.

Lois: And what are you doing with the geiger counter?

Clark: Oh, Superman asked me to check this plane... for any traces of contamination. Obviously it's perfectly all right. See, no clicks.

Lois: You're just trying to confuse me. But Superman and you. I still wonder.

Clark: Wonder? Well it's no wonder you wonder... you're a pretty wonderful girl!

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"