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Oh, Superman, I wonder if people know how beautiful the world really is.
Photo compliments of Randy Garret and Don Holmes.

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Remembering and Celebrating
the Summer of 1951

A look back at the events of 1951

The 1951 Production Schedule
at a glance

The Adventures of Superman 1951

A Lois Lane and Perry White Moment

Autumn, 1951

(Links to individual “Summer of 1951” pages)



Adventures of Superman

1) The Adventures of Superman opening CreditsMike Goldman has given us an insight to the mysterious changes.

2) In the Shadows of "Panic in The Sky" – John Raspanti gives us an inside look.

3) The Adventures of Superman A Reflection by Bruce Dettman.

4) Jackson Gillis, August 21,1916 - August 19, 2010 -- A 1991 Jackson Gillis conversation with Jim Nolt

5) Superman Ducks Thrown Gun

6) In "The Monkey Mystery" Mystery Mike Goldman and Don Holmes take a closer look at "The Monkey Mystery" and give us with yet another mystery to think about.

7) The Second Season by Mike Goldman and Jim Nolt

8) The Mystery of Young Clark by Andy Klyde and Jim Nolt

9) Amazing Lot of TV Superman Photos from Jim Bowers

10) Observations by Chris Brockow regarding “Superman On Earth.”

11) "George Reeves Forever" website goes offline, but Rich's pages find a home at TAC.

12) Kirk Hastings takes a closer look at “Peril In Paris.”

13) Remembering Lester Dorr by Dianne Dorr Tuckerman, Barb Paulk, and Jim Nolt

14) We Got No Choice, Kent A Profile of John Doucette by John Doucette II and Jim Nolt

15) The Adventures of Superman 20th Century Fox Feature Compilations by Allan Asherman.

16) In The Darkroom features Superman-related pictures from the imagination of Brad Shey.

17) You’ll Believe – Kirk Hastings offers a history and critique of the effects used through the years to make Superman fly.

18) Bill Kennedy – Thanks to Mark McGovern for this message of interest and importance to all about Bill Kennedy, the man who voiced the intro to the Adventures of Superman.

Newspaper Articles Featuring George Reeves

The above linked pages will eventually replace this earlier set of articles.

Artistic Tribute to George Reeves from:

1) Ron Gross combines his appreciation for TAoS and his unique and impressive artistic style to bring a beautiful tribute to George Reeves.

2) Rare Neal Adams illustration of George Reeves from the early 90's.

3) Skip Simpson recreates the Painting in Perry White's office.

Celebration 2014
Burbank, California

August 16-17, 2014

Pictures and remembrances from
Bruce Dettman
Chris Brockow
Chris Brockow (2)
Bruce Kanin
Brad Shey
Charlie Rose
Victoria Bigelow
Steven Levine
Toni Collins on the Bob Holiday website

A Celebration of Friendship
Sarasota Florida
March 4, 2017

Brad Shey shares with us three of
Jack Larson's
Superman contracts
he had on display at the “Celebration of Friendship” luncheon

A Tribute to Noel Neill and Jack Larson
Los Angeles, California
June 30, 2018

with fond remembrances of
John Hamilton and George Reeves

Chris Brockow's comments on the
Noel Neill – Jack Larson Tribute Luncheon

Celebration 2023
Los Angeles, California
July 29, 2023

Character Actors of the Adventures of Superman:

1) Part 1 Refer to the players who've been spotted in other films by Lou Koza

2) Part 2 Refer to the players who've been spotted in other films by Lou Koza

3) Bruce Dettman Documents Bruce provides on-going mini-profiles of the Adventures of Superman character actors.

4) John Doucette: A Fine Character Actor and The John Doucette Gallery by Colete Morlock

5) John Doucette by John Doucette II and Jim Nolt

6) An Interview with Malcolm Mealey by Doug Switz.

7) Malcolm Mealey as told by his step-son, Chuck Jones

8) Dabbs Greer in The Green Mile By Colete Morlock

9) Ben Welden, The Gentle Gangster

10) Judy Nugent Thanks to Boyd Magers

11) Isa Ashdown by Jim Nolt

12) The Billy Nelson Gallery Thanks to his nephew, Jason Michaels.

13) Ladies of the Adventures of Superman by Colete Morlock and Thom Hamilton with latest entry, Mira McKinny.

14) Russell Johnson by Bruce Dettman

15) Dale Van Sickel by Barbara Drake

Comics of the Golden Age Podcast

August 3, 2021

Close Encounters:
People who met George Reeves in person

1) Vince Marzo
Thomas Paine
Nick Canterucci
Randy Everts
Ed from New Jersey
Ken Huthmaker
Joe Farmer
8) Thomas Mann
9) Maxine Heller

The Costume

1) Maybe It's His Costume Fans personal recollections of childhood memories.

2) George Reeves' Superman Costume by Kirk Hastings

3) The Evolving "S" Emblem, The Ever Changing Color Uniform, X Talks about the Muscles by Mr. X.

4) What George Reeves Meant to Keith Howard by Keith Howard

Dabbs Greer: April 2, 1917 - April 28, 2007

Good-bye, My Friend

A Video – My Thirty-Year Friendship with Dabbs Greer

Director: George Reeves

The Deserter Review - by Colete Morlock. As every fan of George Reeves knows, he directed the last three episodes of the Adventures of Superman. It was in George's best interest to direct further and directing the film The Deserter was on his agenda, as well as Return to Earth. Colete reviews The Deserter and why it may have interested George Reeves.

Favorite Scenes
From the
Adventures of Superman

1) Ben Welden
2) "Shot In The Dark" and About the Trains
3) "Beware The Wrecker"
4) "Superman In Exile"
5) "A Ghost For Scotland Yard"

Forty Acres

1) Bus Road (from "The Mind Machine")
2) Illustrated map of Forty Acres
Metropolis and Mayberry by Randy Garrett
4) Wally's Gas Station
5) Culver Studios
6) Batman and Forty Acres
7) Forty Acres in the Movies
8) More Mayberry
9) Still More Forty Acres
Andy Griffith/Mayberry RFD Years

George Reeves Calendar

Lou Koza's
"Year In Review" columns

2006: A Year in Review

2007: A Year in Review

2008: A Year in Review

2009: A Year in Review

2010: A Year In Review

2011: A Year In Review

2012: A Year In Review

George Reeves
Remembered on His 100
th Birthday
by Jim Beaver

George Reeves' Home

1) In the Back Yard
2) Floor Plan by Lou Koza

George Reeves in:

1) TV Guide

2) George Reeves Was A Super “Superman” Newsday article by Jerry Zezima

3) and now another exciting episode in The Adventures of Superman”
at Talking Comics.

4) Results of Vicki Bigelow's research at the Helen Warner branch of the Willard Public Library in Battle Creek, Michigan.

George Reeves on:

1) A&E's Biography
2) ABC's
Extra and Response from Edward Lozzi
4) Unsolved Mysteries

George Reeves Personal Appearances

1) George Reeves Personal Appearance in Hartford, Connecticut by Lou Koza and Bill Dillane

2) Superman' Is Just Quiet Fellow From Ashland

3) Disneyland July 17, 1955. Anaheim, Ca. Candid Photo

4) George Reeves Final Costume Appearance. Possibly George Reeves' final costumed TV appearance at KJEO-TV in Fresno California for a telethon for Cerebral Palsy as told in the August 18, 1958 Fresno Bee Thanks to Carl Glass

5) The June 1954 Memphis, Tennessee Appearance Standing against Segregation By Lou Koza

6) The Greater Indiana County State Fair Appearance - August 25, 1956.

7) Superman In The Backyard

8) The Egyptian Premier Appearance  by Lou Koza

9) George Reeves at the La Grange (Illinois) Pet Parade in 1956

George Reeves:
A Life and Career detailed in
Newspapers, Magazines and other media forms.

I Thought I Was the Only One is a list of George Reeves/Superman resources.

George Reeves: Behind the Scenes

1) Relative Revelations: Relative Revelations provides a small glimpse into the triangle relationship between George, Toni and Eddie. By Lou Koza

2) Father's Day: Frank Joseph Bessolo: Step-Father of George Reeves

3) Bessolo Photo Gallery and Finding Helen

4) Reader Responses

It was long speculated and at times defined as fact that Frank Bessolo, George's step-father, died by suicide. Enter the pages above and finally learn the truth.
July 20, 2007

5) George Reeves: The Real "Man of Steel" by Greg McCollum

Plus the follow-up

Mild-Mannered Reporter For A Great Metropolitan Newspaper: My 1970's Search for George Reeves
by Greg McCollum

6) Helen Bessolo by Serena Enger

7) Eddie Mannix MGM Studio profile and Newspaper articles

8) The Curious Case of the George Reeves Car Accidents by Lou Koza

Good Reading

1) And Who, Disguised As Clark Kent by Stephen Brooks

2) The Adventures of Superman: Ultimate Super-Hero Portrayal, or Low-Budget Disappointment? by Kirk Hastings

3) A Super Memory by Bruce Dettman

4) Crime and Justice: Notable Film Noir and Crime Dramas By Serena Enger

5) From Comics to TV by Kirk Hastings

6) The Dettman Observatory (the following articles are all on the same page)
Faster Than A Speeding Bow Tie
Super Pairings
Who's The Guy In The Circus Suit?
And That Will Put The Whammy On Your Superman Racket, But Good!
Season One: A Highly Subjective List Of Favorite Moments

7) Lucy Meets Superman, and The Luckiest Kid in the World (From the pages of TAC: The Magazine) by Lou Koza

8) The Great TV Heroes: Superman by Kirk Hastings

9) In Retrospect A series of articles by Bruce Dettman

10) An Evening With Beverly Washburn by Chris Brockow

11) Newspaper Articles Related to George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman.

12. Ed Gross of takes a look at George Reeves.

Guided Tours and Miscellaneous Information

1) Happy Landings: Another article from Mr. X and Jim Nolt. (4/29/07)

2) Take a guided tour of the Daily Planet with your tour guides, Mr. X and Jim Nolt.

3) And now, take the "Out of the Office Tour" with that fabulous duo, Mr. X and Jim Nolt.

4) Mr. X and Mr. N(olt) bring to you Super Outtakes.

5) Put-and-Take Tops? It took 50 years, but thanks to Mr. X, another mystery is solved, and I now know what a Put-and-Take Top looks like ("The Man Who Could Read Minds").

6) The Man Who Filled In for The Man of Steel ?

7) The Films of George Reeves

8) The Adventures of Superman Nash Cars Item 1 - Want a car just like Inspector Henderson's? Check this fun page suggested by Steve Brant. Item 2 - Ambassador owner Rich Conaty

9) Alfred Walker's Basement  by Alfred Walker

10) X-Factor By Mr. X

11) The First Superman(?)

12) The Center For Jewish History Celebrates 75 Years of Superman

13) Where is it really?

14) When Sgt. George Reeves was on Broadway doing Winged Victory, he wrote a column for the company newsletter. Jim Beaver was able to find this one example.

Available on Amazon

14) Superman on Film, Television, Radio and Broadway by Bruce Scivally

15) With Thanks to Superman by Brian McKernan

16) Voices From Krypton by Edward Gross

DVD Release February 6, 2007

1) Flight of the Innocent - Review of Hollywoodland by Lou Koza

2) Hollywoodland: The UK DVD -- Advertisement Review by Lou Koza

3) New York Post article on Hollywoodland includes remarks by Mr. Jim Nolt.

4) Sunset Boulevard: "Mad About the Boy" by Lou Koza

Jack Larson, Superman's Pal

1) The Many Faces of Jimmy Olsen: As Shown by Jack Larson by Thom Hamilton and Colete Morlock

2) News of Jack Larson

3) Jack Larson Remembers filmmaker James Bridges

4) Brad Shey shares with us three of Jack Larson's Superman contracts

5) Download Karen Grant's interview with Jack Larson from May, 2003. (Thanks to Mike Goldman for bringing this to my attention).

6) Jack Larson's connection with antiques in this interview by Ken Hall.

7) Superman Returns: Jack and Noel in the New York Times.

8) A few words from some who knew Jack.

9) Jack Larson's Memorial Service.

Jim's Introduction to George Reeves

John Hamilton

1) John Hamilton: The Distinguished Curmudgeon by John J. Raspanti

June 16, 2009

1) 50 Years Later Still Resonates A sentimental remembrance from the fans.

2) Life of George Reeves Celebration - June 20, 2009 New York City

3) Jim's Message of June 16, 2010 and "Personal Tribute to George Reeves" at

Larry Tye
Author of
Superman: The High-Flying History Of America's Most Enduring Hero
talks about
Superman's TV history.

A review from Bruce Dettman...
Investigating Lois Lane: The Turbulent History of The Daily Planet's Ace Reporter
by Tim Hanley

Letters Worth Reading

Letter from John Duval
Son of Juan Duval who played Dr. Cuesta in "Treasure of the Incas"

Imaginary Adventures of Superman

Linda Billo

Miracle In Metropolis by Linda Billo

Stephen Brooks

A Christmas Gift by Stephen Brooks with illustrations by Randy Garrett.

First Encounters by Stephen Brooks with llustrations by Randy Garrett.

Missing by Stephen Brooks with illustrations by Randy Garrett.

Trouble In The Old Home Town by Stephen Brooks with illustrations by Randy Garrett.

Superman's First Rescue by Stephen Brooks with illustrations by Randy Garrett.

Superman and the Ghost of Mystery Mountain by Stephen Brooks and Ralph Schiller

Everybody Comes To Tony's by Stephen Brooks

The Girl From Superman's Past by Stephen Brooks

Aftershock, a sequel to “Crime Wave” by Stephen Brooks

Man of Iron by Stephen Brooks

The Smallville Boys in The Old Thorne Mansion by Stephen Brooks

Jessica Campos

Short On Time by Jessica Campos

Last Ounce Of Strength by Jessica Campos

In The Mind by Jessica Campos

Len Carparelli

A 1955 “Adventure of Superman” We'd Have All Liked To See by Len Carparelli

Mike Cline

Turmoils Of A Teenage Superboy by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Turning The Page by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Dilemma by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Winds of Change by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Soon It Will End by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Shattered by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Genesis by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Enmeshed by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

The Big Con by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Triangle by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

The Trojan Horse by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

A Puzzle For Smallville by Mike Cline (A Superboy Story)

Claire Kent, Crime Reporter by Mike Cline

Kirk Hastings

Night Before Christmas by Kirk Hastings with illustrations by Randy Garrett.

Superman's Wife: The Expanded Version by Kirk Hastings

And Justice For All by Kirk Hastings

The Stolen Costume Part II by Kirk Hastings

The Stolen Costume Part III by Kirk Hastings

The Ghosts Of Cheslford by Kirk Hastings

The Girl Of Steel by Kirk Hastings

Superman and the Mob Men by Bruce Kanin

Ghost of Benedict Canyon by Kirk Hastings

The Haunted Island by Kirk Hastings

Young Clark Kent by Kirk Hastings

Where No Superman Has Gone Before by Kirk Hastings

Journey Back Into Time by Kirk Hastings

Superman Is Missing by Kirk Hastings

The Kingpin of Organized Crime by Kirk Hastings

Superman In Mayberry by Kirk Hastings

Jungle Devil – The Sequel by Kirk Hastings

Bruce Kanin

Mastermind by Bruce Kanin

Superman and Perry Mason by Bruce Kanin

Tom Nichol

Superman In Exile – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

From Krypton to Earth by Tom Nichol

The Human Bomb – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Peril By Sea – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Deserted Village – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Crime Wave – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Prince Albert Coat – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Five Minutes To DoomEpilogue by Tom Nichol

Panic In The SkyEpilogue by Tom Nichol

Test Of A WarriorEpilogue by Tom Nichol

The Deadly RockEpilogue by Tom Nichol

Mystery In Wax – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Mysterious Cube – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Superman And The Mole-Men – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

A Ghost For Scotland Yard – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Ghost Wolf – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Star Of Fate – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Great Caesar's Ghost – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Atomic Captive – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Haunted Lighthouse – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Rescue – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Mind Machine – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Defeat of Superman – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Big Freeze – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Joey – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Phantom Ring – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Big Squeeze – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

Night of Terror – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

To Everything There Is A Season by Tom Nichol

Jet Ace – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

The Seven Souvenirs – Epilogue by Tom Nichol

On the TAC Facebook page, Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller posted a link
to a Superman video he produced when he was six. As Peter points out, his Superman flies backwards, but it is, nevertheless, exceptionally well done. Thanks, Stoney, for sharing
Superman and the Mad Scientist.

Meet The Fleet
starring George Reeves, Herbert Anderson, and Robert Armstrong can be viewed online. (Link provided by Serena Enger) and...

of 50 George Reeves' films.

Nash-Healey Sports Car

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 1953 Nash-Healey driven by George as Clark Kent on TAoS? Well, wonder no more.

Noel Neill

Miss Noel Neill

Noel's Filing cabinet

Past Places 2003 through 2006

Noel Neill in Tucson, Arizona
July 2, 2011

Noel Neill honored with amazing Lois Lane Statue.
Bill Dillane's images taken in Metropolis, IL

Noel Neill Statue

Jim Bowers' YouTube Tribute to Noel Neill

1975 New York Telefantasy Convention with Noel Neill.
candid photos of Noel's appearance.

Noel Neill's 85th birthday party photos. The party was held at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn on November 26, 2005.

November 25, 2015
On Noel Neill's 95
th birthday, KGUN-TV in Tucson
aired this birthday tribute to her.

Noel Neill's Memorial Service – November 5, 2016

Non-Superman, Film Work

1) Superman and Captain Midnight Together Image found by Lou Koza

2) Inside look at So Proudly We Hail Exhibitor's Manual. 13 pages. Includes Tall, Dark and Embarrassed - Nurse Claudette Bathes Shy Male (see Page 40). Thanks to Serena Enger.

3) Movie Reviews by Lou Koza

4) Kit Parker Films presents for the first time on DVD two back to back films staring George Reeves. Thunder in the Pines and Jungle Goddess. Backed by the immense energy of Carl Glass and Steve Kirk and others. (I received my copy on Dec.14, 2006 and it is terrific. Be sure not to miss out on this gem.)

5) Nightshade

On Location,
Yesterday and Today with the
Adventures of Superman

1) "The Machine That Could Plot Crimes" Location shots in "The Machine That Could Plot Crimes" (See also Then and Now)

2) "The Man Who Could Read Minds" Location shots in "The Man Who Could Read Minds"

3) Learn about the train shown in the introduction to the Adventures of Superman.

4) More about the location of the train in the intro to the Adventures of Superman.

4) The Valley Express captured by Bobby Ryan

5) The Williams' apartment building in "The Birthday Letter."

On the Lighter Side

Recently I received a vision... and a voice, from somewhere in New York, commanded me to create a series of web pages. I obeyed the command. It now becomes my happy duty to reveal Bruce Kanin's parodies. Curtain...

I'm pleased to post these images created by Brad Shey... inspired by his admiration for George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman

Phyllis Coates

1) Lois In Manhattan by Bruce Dettman

2) Superman's Girl Friday - Long lost magazine article found.

3) The Adventures Continue remembers Phyllis Coates.

Photos of the Month




Published Tributes to George Reeves

1) Variety Tribute 1989
Variety Tribute 1999
Hollywood Reporter Tribute 2001
Remembering - June 16, 1959

Questions and Answers

Reader Profiles

1) Colete Morlock
Paul Smart
Brad Shey
Thomas Boud
Roy Stuts
Lou Koza
Jeff Minich
Don Holmes
Tim James
Paul Burgio
Roy Wall
12) Serena Enger

Richard Taylor

1) Great animated feature will have you walking on air.

2) Combining two passions... TAoS and Stereoscopic imaging. Bring your 3D glasses.

3) Now you can have a Nash-Healey sports car just like George's.

Robert Shayne, our Inspector

1) Robert Shayne: A Tribute to a Fine Actor by Colete Morlock and Thom Hamilton

2) Robert Shayne in the News -- Clippings provided by Lou Koza

3) Inspector Henderson's Sweetheart. Bette Shayne on

Seinfeld and Superman

Superman And The Secret Planet

by Randy Garrett

Boys and girls... your attention please. Presenting a new and exciting story featuring the thrilling adventures of an amazing and incredible personality in

Superman and the Secret Planet.

With Music
- 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10
- 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20
- 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30
- 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40
- 42

Without Music
- 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10
- 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20
- 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30
- 32 - 33 - 34 -35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40
- 42

This concludes Superman and the Secret Planet, and we owe Randy Garrett a sincere debt of gratitude. I know he put in many long hours for our enjoyment. Randy, thanks so much for sharing your talents, your time, and your love for George.

Superman And The Secret Planet

A seven chapter movie
as envisioned byTed Newsom

Superman On Screen
(from the CBS News Website

Superman Week
(July 10 - 16, 2001)

Superman and the Mole Men began filming in July 1951. Fifty-year anniversary is recognized by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, and a celebration is held downtown at the Cafe Pinot. See Noel Neill, Jack Larson, Robert Rockwell, Jeff Corey, Dabbs Greer, Bette Shayne, Laura and Joanne Seigel and Paul Levitz.

1) Superman Week Ceremony
2) The Day Before
3) The Luncheon
4) Candid Shots
5) Back in the Room
6) Video of “Superman Week” Ceremony

TAC: The Magazine


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"From Editor Jim Nolt"

1) January, 1999
February, 1999
April 18, 1999
June16, 1999
October, 1999
January, 2000
April, 2000
June, 2000
October, 2000
February, 2001
June, 2001

The Adventures of Superman
Warner Bros. DVD News.

Special Report from NEWSDAY, Sunday edition dated June 18, 2006 on the upcoming Superman DVD and broadcast events.

Thanks from my granddaughter, Brittany

Brittany thanks the "Legion of Super Friends" who helped her with a school project in the spring of 2003.

Video and Audio Tributes to George Reeves

1) Richard Clabaugh
Richard Potter
Richard Taylor
Mr. X

Woolstock Celebrates George Reeves

Interview with Veronica Guyader of Woolstock, Iowa... George Reeves' birthplace
by Chris Brockow

A tribute to George Reeves, Phyllis Coates,
and “The Adventures Continue”
from Alfred Eaker

"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"