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Noel Neill
My Remarks on
November 26, 2005

At the end of "Perils of Superman" in 1957, after all the crooks had been rounded up and carted off to jail, the entire staff of the Daily Planet and the most prominent member of the Metropolis Police Department again gathered in editor Perry White's office to review the events of the day. Perry was quick to give credit to Superman for once again saving their collective hides, and Clark Kent agreed with, "Well, all I can say is, if it weren't for Superman, I wouldn't be here." But, of course, we, the viewers, had known that for years. From the very first wink to his final remark of the series two episodes later, we knew something none of the people on the screen knew. And that was part of the fun of Superman. But there is so much more to those 104 episodes filmed in that very brief period of time when most of us here in this room were just becoming aware of the world around us. Each chapter, rich in fantasy, provided us with the action, adventure, and mystery our young hearts craved. We flew high above the clouds with Superman, we worried when Lois got too close to knowing his secret, and we felt sorry for poor Jimmy when, like us, he so often got scolded for nothing more than simply trying to do his best.

And so, the Adventures of Superman continues to hold a special place in our hearts, and today we gather to remember the birthday of a woman we first knew as our favorite girl reporter, then recognized as a fine actress, and today celebrate as our friend… Miss Noel Neill. Not only did she provide so much of the fun we drew from the series, but she continues to uphold the qualities we learned to admire so many years ago: friendship, humility, honesty, hard work, dedication, and loyalty.

Most of you will recognize the line… "It takes more than just a face and a voice… there's only one real Superman. And is there anyone here today who wouldn't agree that it takes more than just a pillbox hat and a purse… there's only one real Noel Neill.

I first met Noel in the late 1980s in Cleveland. Although I approached her with sweaty palms and a lump in my throat, I finally managed to mumble something to her that day… and so began our long and happy friendship. Since then I've talked with many others who have traveled miles and miles out of their way just for the opportunity to see her smile and shake her hand. No one that I know has ever walked away disappointed… not from Noel Neill. Noel appears tireless and is gracious and kind to everyone. She answers the same questions again and again… and always with a smile.

And so, Noel, we gather here today to celebrate not only your birth, but your beautiful life, your career, and your cherished friendship. And we want you to know that as we do, every single one of us in this room can say… Well, all I know is that if it weren't for Noel Neill, we wouldn't be here. Happy birthday, Noel.


Nolt, Neill, Beaver, Koza
Jim Nolt, Noel Neill, Jim Beaver, and Lou Koza


Jack Larson and Noel Neill
Jack and Noel treated the guests to some song and dance.


Lisa Copenhaver, Jack Larson, Jim Nolt
Lisa Copenhaver, Jack Larson, Jim Nolt


Grossman, Dettman, Goldman, Nolt, Vaquer, Koza
Gary Grossman (author of Superman: Serial to Cereal), Bruce Dettman
Mike Goldman, Jim Nolt, Armand Vaquer, and Lou Koza


Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) and Jim Nolt
Yvonne Craig and Jim Nolt


Noel Neill and Jim Nolt
Noel Neill and Jim Nolt


Lisa Copenhaver and Noel Neill
Lisa Copenhaver and Noel Neill


Mike Goldman and Jim Nolt
Mike Goldman and Jim Nolt


Lisa Copenhaver and Jack Larson
Lisa Copenhaver and Jack Larson


Lisa Copenhaver and Whitey Hughes
Lisa Copenhaver with stunt man Whitey Hughes

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