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Here I am Sir Arthur, here I am.

"A Ghost For Scotland Yard"

Here I am, Sir Arthur, here I am.


Crazy am I? I'll show you!

Brockhurst: You're not afraid, are you? Only fools and babies believe in ghosts. Too bad you interfered... you and your friend. I was arranging such a nice homecoming for them... all the people I hated... all the people who made it impossible for me to go on living. They'd have put me in jail if I had lived. Did you know that?

Jimmy: Nobody ever hurt you... nobody.

Brockhurst: People never understood me. I wouldn't let them. I was the greatest magician in the world.

Jimmy: You're crazy!

Brockhurst: Crazy am I? I'll show you!


You're no ghost, Brockhurst . . .

Brockhurst: Yes, Sir Arthur, the great Brockhurst... or his ghost.

Superman: You're no ghost, Brockhurst... anymore than that picture you projected on the clouds for Sir Arthur's benefit.

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"