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April 18, 1999

The Adventures Continue is a couple things. It is a magazine like no other. Focusing solely on George Reeves, it has uncovered and published information that other magazines would find too trivial, thinking the information would not appeal to a wide audience. There, then, is the difference between other magazines and The Adventures Continue. TAC is not interested in appealing to a wide audience, it is interested in appealing to a devoted audience, an audience devoted to George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman.

The Adventures Continue is also a web site. On it's pages can be shared more timely information. The Internet also provides for more immediate exchange of ideas. Recently, it provided an excellent way to raise and track the funds needed for the Variety project just completed.

The common tread, however, is information. The Adventures Continue is not necessarily an entertainment site. Although you may be entertained by the information, you'll not find "glitz," gossip, or wild speculation. If you have information about George Reeves to share, please feel free to write, and if it's accurate, you'll find it soon in or on the pages of The Adventures Continue.

Recently a photo of the cast and crew of the Adventures of Superman was posted at an online auction. The only information given there was the fact that it was taken around 1953. I've had that same photo for several years and have been able to identify some of the people in it. Only on the pages of The Adventures Continue will you find that information. (The photo shown below is reduced by 25%. If you'd like the full version, I'll be happy to send it to you via e-mail.)

Top row (left to right)
 #1 - 6  Unknown,
 #7  Unknown -- Key Grip
 #8  Unknown -- Dolly Grip
 #9  Unknown,
 #10  Clem Beauchamp -- Production Manager
 #11  Whitney Ellsworth -- Producer
 #12 - 13  Unknown
 #14  Jean Speak -- Sound Mixer
 #15 - 17 Unknown

Middle Row (left to right)
 #1 Robert Shayne -- Actor, Inspector Henderson
#2 - 4 Unknown
#5 George Blair -- Director
#6  Nate Merman -- Assistant Director
#7 Unknown
#8 Robert Justman -- Assistant Director
#9 Jack Larson -- Actor, Jimmy Olsen
#10 - 11 Unknown
#12 Pat Bowers -- Stand In for Noel Neill
#13 Harold Stine -- Camera man
#14 Noel Neill -- Actress, Lois Lane
#15 -19 Unknown
#20 Moe Furman -- Laborer

Bottom row (left to right)
 #1 Web Phillips -- Make-up
#2 Harry Gerstad -- Director
#3 Eleanor Gerstad
#4 Unknown
#5 Jack Burns -- Assistant Director
#6 Unknown
#7 Tommy Carr -- Director
#8 John Hamilton -- Actor, Perry White
#9 Joe King -- Wardrobe
#10 Harold Childs -- Casting
#11 George Reeves -- Actor, Clark Kent/Superman
#12 Unknown
#13 Robert Jones -- Gaffer
#14 This man was originally indentified to me as actor Rick Vallin, but Geoff St. Andrews, who has done research on Vallin, believes the man in this photo is not that actor.
#15 Bess Epstein -- Production Auditor
#16 Unknown

If anyone has additional information about any of the people shown in the photo, please let me know.

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