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Welcome to the "From The Editor" page of The Adventures Continue. It is here you will be able to get information about ongoing projects such as progress on the George Reeves Birthday Tribute, comments from readers, and any other bits of information I pick up from time to time.

January 17, 1999

"Shot In The Dark"

New to the web site this month are an additional Favorite Scenes page (featuring "Shot In The Dark") and an article about the trains shown in that episode. Although this episode is a favorite of mine (aren't they all?), I've always been disturbed by one line spoken by Clark Kent --

Mrs. Harper: Oh you must help me Superman.
Clark: I'm sorry, but aren't you a little mixed up, Miss ah . . .
Mrs. Harper: Harper, Harriet Harper. And I'm certainly not mixed up. I know you're Superman.
Clark: Well, you may think I am, but I assure you I'm not.

As far as I know, this is the only time Clark flatly denied being Superman. All other times, he evaded the issue of changing the subject or making light of Lois' accusations.

There is also another interesting exchange in this episode. I love when Perry White gets all blustery, and this exchange with Clark Kent comes at the very beginning as Clark emerges from the storage room and bumps into his boss:


Clark: Oh, I beg your pardon, Sir.

Perry: Oh, my fault entirely, Mr. Kent. I've no business walking through the corridors of my paper getting in the way of employees as they barge out of doors.

Clark: Well I . . . I just ran out of paper.

Perry: I wish you would.

Clark: Would what?

Perry: Run out of paper, especially this one.

Clark: Have I done something?

Perry: No, but you were supposed to. Half an hour ago Superman rescued ten persons from a burning building.

Clark: Oh yes Sir, I know about that.

Perry: I know about it too . . . from the front page of every rival paper in town.

Clark: Well at the time I sort of had my hands full.

Perry: And your head empty! Listen to me Kent, the next scatterbrain I catch around here is going to be sorry.

Clark: Whew!

I've always wondered . . . how did all those rival newspapers get the story written, published, and distributed in just a half-hour with out the help of Superman?

Great Caesar's Pants

In TAC, Jr. #26, Michael Hayde suggested a bit of silliness that turned out to be great fun for many readers. After receiving some gag E-mail called "May The Pants Be With You" (which subsituted the word "pants" for key words in familar lines of dialogue from Star Wars), Michael thought it might be fun to do the same with lines from the Adventures of Superman. In addition to the examples from Michael, readers submitted these:

Bobby Ryan --
From "The Lucky Cat" -- You're walking on the lines instead of the pants.
From "Perils of Superman" -- I'd say Olsen . . .get in your pants take the first . . .
From "Shot In The Dark: -- If you know anything about me at all, you know I don't make pants!
From "Jimmy The Kid" -- It was hotter than the hot pants at Sing Sing.
From "Flight To The North" -- Has he been here yet ? The man who wanted the pants ?

Michael Hayde --
From "Crime Wave" -- I'm amazed that any of you thought that display of pants bothered me.
From "The Stolen Costume" -- Who else have you told about me, and where's my pants?

Steven Lance --
It's true, Jimmy. Superman can find a pair of pants in a haystack. But he's got to know which haystack.

Jim Nolt --
From "Mystery of the Broken Statues" -- Say, ain't you guys getting a little tired of looking at pants?
From "Clark Kent, Outlaw" -- Just a minute, Curtis. Lieutenant, I made the deal . . . I'll spill it. We
got no choice, Kent. We're caught, give him the pants.

Dave Orbach --
I've come up with a pants substitution that makes perfect sense, using one of my favorite lines spoken by one of my favorite actors, Bob Shayne, in "The Talkative Dummy" -- I don't know. Maybe he runs into an alley, takes off his pants, and turns into Superman!

And from "The Birthday Letter" -- This looks like a job for Superman . . . I mean I've got to find pants!

Last one, I promise. From "The Case of the Talkative Dummy" -- How do you always manage to show up at the right time? It's my pants, Miss Lane!

Gary Lojacono --
From "Panic In The Sky" -- Do you suppose it's his pants that give him this peculiar power?

From "Panic In The Sky" -- I don't know what it means . . . yet, except that every single one of us
owes his pants to Superman!

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