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"Shot In The Dark"

Anything you say, Mr. Kent. But I still don't know which picture worries you the most.

  Mrs. Cooper asks Superman for help.

Mrs. Harper: Oh, I'm in great trouble. You must help me Superman!

Jimmy: You mean you can prove he's Superman?


Alan's photograph of Clark changing to Superman. 

Mrs. Harper:
Oh, but there is. I'll show you. There. Such a nice photograph.

Clark: May I ask just where you got this?

Mrs. Harper: From Alan of course. But how are you supposed to know that? Alan's my nephew. Then you'll come over and talk to Alan about the other picture?


Clark explains that Alan took a double exposure behind the Daily Planet Building.


Jimmy: Now about this explanation you were supposed to have, Mr. Kent.

Clark: Well, it's really very simple, Mr. Olsen. He got a picture of Superman. And about then I must have come along and he snapped me at exactly the same spot, but he forgot to wind the film.


Alan tells Clark that a man took the Kent/Superman negative and tried to steal another photo he has.

Mrs. Harper:
Let me explain, Alan. I don't get things as mixed up as you do. You see Mr. Kent, Alan took a picture of the man with the tulips. He offered us a thousand dollars before the fire started in the closet.

Clark: Alan this is a very good picture, but why is it so important to this man? Why would he break in here to get it? Start a fire? How far would he go to get his picture back?


The man tries to take Alan's photo from Clark, but Jimmy rescues it and hops a ride on a subway train.

Clark: Are you sure you haven't got another picture you'd like to trade for it?

Burnside: If you're referring to the negatives that I took from the boy's darkroom, I glanced through them hurriedly. The picture I want isn't there . . . it's here.


The man arranges for the subway with Jimmy onboard to wreck. Click here to read more about the trains shown in this episode.


Superman stops the runaway train with Jimmy onboard.


Clark, Jimmy, and Insp. Henderson identify the man as Burt Burnside, alias The Tulip

Clark: There he is.

Henderson: That's it. Burt Burnside, alias "The Tulip."


Lois, Clark, and Jimmy prepare a trap for Burt Burnside.


After Burt stops the mail truck, it's Superman to the rescue.


Superman confronts Burt Burnside and destroys the revealing negative with his x-ray vision.



Burnside: Here they come. You can still get me safely away.

Superman: Sorry, you're on your own now.



Burt Burnside tries another way to prove that Kent is Superman.

Clark explains why he wasn't hurt by the bullet.

George closes the show with a smile.

Jimmy: But he couldn't have missed you. He fired point blank.

Burnside: Proves my point. Kent should be lying there dead. There's the spent bullet. Ask him why it didn't go through him.

Henderson: Can you explain it, Kent?

Clark: Why yes, Inspector. As a matter of fact I think I can. Fortunately I happened to have a lucky silver dollar in my pocket.

Jimmy: And this stopped the bullet?

Clark: Yes, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Ah, this must be your lucky day.

Henderson: Shows just how stupid a crook can be. Imagine him thinking you could be Superman.

Clark: Well, now just a minute. It isn't that funny.

Jimmy: Ah, don't worry, Mr. Kent. We think you're all right just like you are.

Clark: Thanks, Jimmy.

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"