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The Adventures Continue originated in 1988 with Dr. Don Rhoden of Omaha, Nebraska, as a way to bring George Reeves's fans together and to learn more about our TV hero. After two issues, Don asked if I'd take over, and I readily agreed to give it a try. Below are listed the contents of the back issues. Only issue #16, however, is still available. If interested, please send e-mail to Jim Nolt

TAC #1: Answers from long-time Superman fans to questions posed by Don Rhoden. All of us have our own opinions concerning the series, and here is your chance to learn what the most devoted fans had on their minds in 1988. 
TAC #2: Interviews with Phyllis Coates and Robert Shayne, a copy of George Reeves' death certificate, a photo essay on buildings used in the Adventures of Superman, and a question & answer session with Jack Larson and Noel Neill at the Cleveland Superman Exposition in 1988. (76 pp)
TAC #3: Reader profiles from Jan Alan Henderson, Gary Coddington, and John Field; the original running order of the Adventures of Superman; a list of George Reeves' performances at the Pasadena Playhouse (supplied by Dabbs Greer); "The Quest For George Reeves" by Rick Spector; and a photo of George's boyhood home. (56 pp)
TAC #4: An interview with Robert Shayne (Inspector Henderson), reader profile by Colin Duff of Australia, "In Praise of the Color Years" by Michael Hayde, an interview with Noel Neill, "Through the Time Barrier" by Janeen Christensen, a special photograph of Bob and Bette Shayne (taken on their forty-fourth wedding anniversary in 1989) and another of George Reeves and Robert Preston on stage at the Pasadena Playhouse in 1937. (60 pp)
TAC #5: An interview with Jane Ellsworth (widow of Superman producer Whitney Ellsworth), Pat Ellsworth Wilson (daughter of Whitney Ellsworth), Art Weissman (George's personal manager), and Jack Larson, a photo and story about George's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a George Reeves filmography. Other photos show George receiving a Myasthenia Gravis membership card from Jane Ellsworth and Jack Larson at California Studios with Pat Ellsworth in 1953. (60 pp)
TAC #6: A special letter from Jane and Pat Ellsworth, "Truth, Justice, And The American Way" by Art Weissman, a review of So Proudly We Hail by Janeen Christensen, a narrative of a meeting between George Reeves and Kirk Alyn by Chuck Harter, an article by Dick Laughlin who now owns one of George's automobiles, "The Story of Robert Maxwell's Departure From Superman" by Michael Hayde, an updated George Reeves filmography, "How They Made Superman Fly" by Paul Mandell, the whereabouts of George Reeves' remains by Jim Beaver, and "I Remember Superman" by Terry Roarke. (68 pp)
TAC #7: "Drums of Death" (a list of the Superman character actors who are no longer with us), conversations with both Jackson Gillis (who wrote some of the very best Superman episodes) and Chuck Connors, the television works of George Reeves, Janeen Christensen's review of Rancho Notorious, a tribute to Robert Shayne, and more. (64 pp)
TAC #8: "A Day Of Remembrance For Robert Shayne" by Chuck Harter, "1957: The Shadow of Superman" by Michael Hayde, a review of Jungle Jim by Janeen Christensen, an interview with Gary Grossman by Chuck Harter, and many photographs. (64 pp)
TAC #9: An article about Metropolis, Illinois, a review of Lydia, an interview with director Tommy Carr, two more articles by Pat Ellsworth Wilson ("A Tale of Two Witch Hunts" and "Superman Faces a Death-Defying Challenge"), and many photographs. (68 pp)
TAC #10: An interview with Gerard "Superboy" Christopher, "The Defeat of Superman: From Script to Screen," by Michael Hayde, "How George Reeves Changed My Life" by DC artist Kerry Gammill, and a review of Thunder In The Pines. (72 pp)
TAC #11: An interview with Keith Thibedeaux (Little Ricky from I Love Lucy), a tribute to Noel Neill by Mike Hayde, "On The Trail of George Reeves" by Jan Alan Henderson, and a review of Jungle Goddess. (64 pp)
TAC #12: A special photo issue with photographs of Christopher Reeve, Gerard Christopher, Kirk Alyn, Tommy Bond, Phyllis Coates, Noel Neill, Jim Beaver, Jack Larson, and John Haymes Newton; an interview with Harry Thomas, make-up man on Superman and the Mole-Men; an original Superman story, "Miracle Over Metropolis;" a review of Father Is A Prince, and photos taken during the taping of Unsolved Mysteries and in the back yard of George's house at 1579 Benedict Canyon Drive. This will truly be a collector's item as many of these photographs are never-before-seen photos from private collections. (64 pp)
TAC #13: A special response to the recently-published Hollywood Kryptonite by Kashner and Schoenberger. Through an interview with Queta Vacio, an article from Complete TV, photos, and articles by Jan Alan Henderson and Jim Beaver, The Adventures Continue shows that George Reeves was a far cry from the alcoholic, despondent individual described by Kashner and Schoenberger. (64 pp)
TAC #14: A super-special first season issue. Michael Hayde gives us a 40-page article detailing the events of the summer of 1951. In "Superman Comes To Television" you will learn when each of the episodes was filmed, how George Reeves was hired, when Jack, Phyllis, John, and Bob came on board, and about the unfortunate accidents which occurred during the first weeks of filming. Also, "Present At The Creation of Superman And The Mole-Men" by Pat Ellsworth Wilson and Janeen Christensen's review of Man At Large. (68 pp)
TAC #15: The biggest issue to date with 80 pages of articles, illustrations, and rare photographs. There are interviews with Jack Larson, Alejandro Vacio (who knew George Reeves as "Uncle George," Steven Lance (author of Written Out Of Television), and Phil Dockter (who once wore George Reeves' Superman costume). Among the rare photos are a series of pictures taken of George when he was just a boy (ages 16 months, 2 years, and about 7 or 8). (80 pp).
TAC #16: Most likely the final The Adventures Continue magazine, this 50th anniversary issue features a review of Forever Female by Janeen Christensen; Roughing It With Dad, a personal remembrance of her father by Stephanie Shayne Parkin; Michael J. Hayde's research into George Reeves' appearance on The Tony Bennett Show on August 11, 1956; an interview with Walter Reed (by Boyd Magers); and "Trouble In The Old Home Town," an orignal story by Stephen Brooks. (68 pp)


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