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E-mail from Edward Lozzi to Jim Nolt (March 7, 2000)

Dear Jim Nolt,

I was surfing the internet and came across your interesting web site. After reading your response and those of your readers about my interview on Extra, I thought I would come forward with a response. I have no knowledge of who you are. I do know Mr. Chuck Harter who I see is mentioned in some of your postings. And he knows me.

Firstly, you should know that I am not a Superman fan, a George Reeves fan, or for that matter a Toni Mannix fan. As a public relations executive in Beverly Hills and New York City for the past 20 years, I have many, many contacts at E-Entertainment Television, Extra, CNN, ET, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, the networks etc, etc.My clients are the tops in their fields in entertainment, politics, medicine, law, and the Internet.

In 1979 I was introduced to Toni Mannix by a relative in New York by a Letter of Introduction. Toni contacted me. We met ( I was 29, she in her 70's). It was a strange yet platonic relationship. I was just out from the East Coast, and she wanted someone like me around the house. I already had my own apartment. However I decided to take her up on her offer for me to move into the Tea House. Trying to sneak my girlfriends in through that gate was not easy. The address and the ambiance was ideal for my quest to be successful in Los Angeles. My background is from a conservative Old Money family. At the time I arrived from the East I had recently resigned from my family's real estate company. I had no money problems then, and certainly none now.

Toni still had her health in 1979 and was still socially active. She took me to Academy screenings, MGM parties, private dinner parties, and premieres. She still had her phone calls returned from important remnants of the Golden Era and even some of the new boys. By 1980 Toni's health began to deteriorate, and the problems of life and memory began. I do owe her my start in this town and have been fortunate to have excelled in my industry.

I have never profited from my story about Toni which was told to both E-Entertainment Television (edited out) and Extra. It went right over E's head, and Extra used it to promote a book which I was unaware of. I was quite upset when my experience with Toni was meshed into a book promotion. I have still never read that book nor any book about George Reeves or his demise.Certainly I have opinions which, like your readers say, have no substance. What I will tell you is that I have my own reasons for waiting almost 20 years to reveal what Toni Mannix told me. My experiences with her at home, including the odd Tuesday night prayer sessions to George, tears and all, and her vicious remarks about Lenore Lemmon being with George, her gifts of George's clothes to me from the well-kept grooming closets in her house, ( she requested that I wear them), the stories she shared with me about their romance and problems are no secret to our circle at the time and some of you.

Besides my own reasons, which are not financial (I have no book, articles, or manuscript, and I have not profited at all from the 2 interviews I did for national Television), I most certainly wanted to insert myself into the fray for academic reasons and have been itching to do so for many years..Yes, I never presented myself as the holder of any new theories. It's the same old one. Yes, George Reeves was murdered. Yes, Toni Mannix was mean enough, connected enough, and had motive enough to make it happen. And yes, finally, she told me what she did. Was it the truth ? Was she fooling with my head in her way out ? Did she know Lenore would want to know this is what she did.? Who knows? All I know is that what she told me soon before she died became an anchor around my neck for a long time. I am just the messenger, and for me at this time, it was right to bring it into the record.

What is the point of all this diatribe from me ?

Now......one of your readers on your site which I know nothing about, was more than negative about the Extra segment. I hated it myself. It was poorly lit, rushed, edited to hell, and not one of Phil Schuman's shining moments. I want you and your group to know that my interview was for academic reasons and for a reason that is a bit more clandestine, or a better word is perhaps "classified."

For what it is worth, I have an interesting color photograph of myself and Toni in happier days at the house on El Retiro. We are outside by the pool, the Tea House, and included is some of George Reeves woodwork she always bragged about. If you give me a mailing address I will send it to you for the record. Extra chose not to use the photo but used my autographed portrait photos taken by MGM.

Your web site seems to be a clearing house for the GR experience.

One last thing, I had mentioned that Toni had given me some of George R's clothes, including Burburey Trench Coat, Suits, Pendelton Bathrobes, shirts, and his bathing suits. In the late 1980's I donated a lot of it to Elizabeth Taylor's AMFAR. I still have a few things I plan on keeping, including a water color of a flamingo which was owned by George and recouped by Toni and given to me.

Thank you for your time in reading my thoughts.

Edward Lozzi

My response to Mr. Lozzi (March 7, 2000)


I'm very flattered you took the time to write and to present yet another side to a very complex story.

I'm 53 years old and am a former teacher in Pennsylvania's public schools. I first saw George Reeves on television in 1953 and have been an admirer ever since (I don't like the term "fan"). For the past thirty years I've done research into the life of Reeves. During the last ten years, I've published a series of magazines called The Adventures Continue and have developed the web site you came across. I'm proud of both. The magazine features interviews with people who knew George and well-researched articles concerning his television series and public appearances. It is done with dignity and respect for George.

Being a former teacher, I designed the web site to educate. I'm was happy to read that you recognize the site as a clearinghouse for information. Some people like to collect "things." I much prefer to collect information. Your letter is a valuable document, and with your permission, I'd like to publish it on the web. I think readers will be very interested in what you have to say, and you may change a few minds.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


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