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From the keyboard of Randy Garrett:

We fans of the Adventures of Superman must often deal with bittersweet thoughts about the series and its star, George Reeves. Often these thoughts take the form of what if questions like "What if Superman and the Secret Planet had been filmed?" Most likely, many of you know that the script for this proposed Superman movie was written sometime during the run of the series. It's interesting to speculate, then, about what Reeves, the cast and the crew could have accomplished with a bigger budget and a longer filming schedule than the television episodes allowed.

For whatever reasons, Superman and the Secret Planet was never produced. But, "What if…?" Indeed, what if the movie had been made... and what if DC had created a comic book version from it? Well, maybe we would have seen something like the pages you're about to see here... my attempt at doing just that... my comic book version of Superman and the Secret Planet.

I began drawing these pages thanks to the enthusiasm and encouragement of Don Holmes, Jim Nolt, and many other good friends. Special thanks also go to Lou Koza who has the eye of an artist and who is supplying some great suggestions. One other person, the all time great Superman artist, Curt Swan, should also receive credit. Like George Reeves, Swan was greatly underappreciated by the industry that used up his wonderful talent. I certainly don't place my artwork in the same class as his, but if you're familiar with his work, you may recognize some of his layouts and poses as the pages unfold. The dialogue for the story will come directly from the movie script.

I need to add a word a caution. I plan to continually draw new pages for Jim to post. Hopefully we'll all make it to the end of the story. However, I don't want to make any promises about how long it will be between pages. I hope everyone can simply enjoy each page on its own merit, much like a chapter of a old movie serial. An awful lot of work goes into these pages, but it's fun to see the script coming to life on my drawing board. My reward will come from the fun I hope you receive as you read each and every new thrill-packed chapter of Superman and the Secret Planet.

Our story begins as Clark arrives at his apartment after a hard day in the offices of the Daily Planet... [page 1 (music) or page 1 (no music)]

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