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The Adventures Continue

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Batman and Forty Acres
information supplied by Jerry Krumm
video captures by Jim Nolt

Episode #17 -- "True or False Face"

There are many Forty Acres scenes in this episode.

The first one is at Gotham National Bank. There is a great "upshot" of Robin with the Atlanta Examiner, from Gone With The Wind, in the background.

Robin in front of Atlanta Examiner
Robin in front of the Atlanta Examiner.


The Grand Theater can be seen from Robin's point of view.

Shot of the Grand Theater at Forty Acres
The Grand Theater is in the distance.


Panel truck pulls out of big box and drives east, past the Grand Theater towards Back Street.

False Face drives past the Grand Theater.


False Face then drives toward toward camera heading south on North Street...

Heading south on North Street
Heading south on North Street...


then turns left onto Main Street, past the Grand Theater again, and to right of drug store.

Passing the Grand Theater... again
past the Grand Theater, and toward the drug store.

Episode #18 -- "Holy Rat Race"

The first Forty Acres scene in this episode shows its entrance from Ince Street. This is the same
entrance I used in 1975 when going to film Switchblade Sisters.

Entering Forty Acres from Ince Street
False Face enters Forty Acres from Ince Street...


False Face then drives his pickup truck past the quonset huts of Gomer Pyle USMC. Jack Thompson indicates the exact location on the map at the bottom of this page.

Drives past Camp Henderson
and passes right by Gomer's former digs.
Also, notice the Desilu water tower in the distance.

Bioscope Studios sign-- at the Ince St. entrance.

The Batmobile enters Forty Acres
The Batmobile enters Forty Acres.


Later, the Batmobile passes the back of some facades that I believe to be part of the Garden of Allah. The camera pans right and we see the south end of the Atlanta train depo from Gone With The Wind.

Behind some facades
Here, the Batmobile is behind
Gone With the Wind's Atlanta Train Depot.


The brick building in the far distance is the Atlanta Examiner.

The Atlanta Examiner in the background
The Atlanta Examiner.


The chase offers us an excellent shot of Drug Store and Church

Drug store and church
As you can see, False False never gets too far away.
Once again he passes the drug store. Note church on the right.

Circling the drug store
False Face emerges from behind the drug store.


As the net falls, we have an excellent shot of the Grand Theater.

The net falls
The net falls.


Action continues on a Forty Acres Western Street.

Forty Acres western street
Forty Acres western street.


Then moves to the Garden of Allah facades.

Garden of Allah facades
Garden of Allah facades.


Map of Forty Acres
X marks the spot where False Face pases Gomer Pyle's quonset huts.

This is truly a marvelous episode worth many many rewatches.

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"