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Robert Rockwell
Gentlemen... Jor-El speaks!


Paul Levitz, Vice-President & Publisher, DC Comics,
speaks at the "Superman Week" Ceremony


Joanne Siegel, widow of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel,
speaks on behalf of her late husband


Honored guests at the Superman Week Ceremony, July 10, 2001
From left to right: Robert Rockwell, Michael Walbrecht (VP of Warner Bros.),
Jim Nolt, Bette Shayne, Armand Vaquer, Jeff Corey, Jack Larson, Michael Antonovich,
Noel Neill, Paul Levitz, Joanne Siegel, Laura Siegel Larson


Andrew Aragon's painting
Artist Andrew Aragon (left) displays his painting to the guests at the ceremony


At the Cafe Pinot
Stephanie and Bette Shayne enjoy conversation with
Jim Beaver, Armand Vaquer, and Jan Henderson


Paul Levitz, Bette Shayne, and Jack Larson
Paul Levitz looks on as Bette Shayne and Jack Larson share a story


Noel Neill, Lisa Copenhaver, and Jack Larson
My daughter, Lisa, with Noel and Jack


Jim with Robert Rockwell
I still can't believe it... I had lunch with Robert Rockwell
Great Caesar's Ghost!


Superman Week Ceremony
The Day Before
The Luncheon
Back in the Room

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"