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Give me two seconds in the “darkroom,” and
I’ll have it for you.

From the imagination of Brad Shey

That was the response from Jake (Jimmy Dodd) as Clark Kent looked over a couple of the initial fingerprint photographs in “Double Trouble.” With the advent of digital cameras, of course, many developers like Jake closed up their darkrooms and now use computer software to create and display images.

Digital imagery makes it much easier to do that… to create what’s in the mind’s eye. We’re fortunate that over the past several years Brad Shey has shared many of his “imaginings” with us on several different pages of the TAC website. And in this section, we’ll gather those and more in a single section. You never know when a new one will appear here. When someone describes a great idea, Brad is quick to say… Just give me two seconds at the computer, and I’ll have it for you.

So cue up the Superman theme and let’s get started.

Up! Up! And away!

What the I Love Lucy audience might have seen when “Lucy And Superman” was filmed in 1956.

George Reeves appeared on
The Tony Bennett Show in 1956. No known recordings of the
broadcast exist, but based on Michael Hayde’s reading of the script, this is what the
opening moments might have looked like.

George Reeves could never have imagined the expressions of love and devotion he’d receive
for decades. But in this image we can imagine the smile he’d display if he knew.

The imaginings continue…

"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"

Posted April 30, 2021

Posted May 1, 2016