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From The Editor...

We all know that in 1955 the thankful citizens of Metropolis celebrated "Superman Week." A portrait was commissioned, the famous sculptor Van deGlass created a bust of Metropolis' favorite son, and the people of the town hosted a monster parade in Superman's honor. From all over the world came telegrams of praise and thanks... the Rajah of Burgonia thanked Superman for rescuing his herd of sacred elephants, all the boys of an orphanage praised Superman for helping to build their playground, and a king showed thanks to Superman for preventing his palace from crumbling in an earthquake. And surely many other citizens of the world responded to Metropolis' grand gesture. In fact, the only detractor seems to have been Sy Horton.

 Yes, this is what Jim looks like.

And now, thanks to the initiative of TAC reader Armand Vaquer, the summer of 2001 will see another "Superman Week." But where the one in 1955 paid tribute to Superman only, this one will honor many... the entire cast and crew involved in the production of the Adventures of Superman from 1951 to 1957 (including those who played Sy Horton and the several other more nefarious members of the town's citizenry). And like Lois Lane, I'm sending out a call to all of you to send letters of thanks so that I may share them with all who attend the "monster ceremony" on July 10 at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 500 West Temple Street, in Los Angeles. Let them know what their work means to you... how it influenced your life... why you continue to hold their work in such high regard, and I'll make copies of your letters to present to the honored guests later that morning. And if I get the opportunity, I'll read some at the ceremony.

So far Bette Shayne, Stephanie Shayne Parkin, Jack Larson, Dabbs Greer, and Robert Rockwell have accepted our invitation. Also on hand will be the author of Superman: Serial to Cereal, Gary Grossman. And if you are in the area that day, please join us.

I'm now trying to contact Beverly Washburn (the little girl in Superman and the Mole-Men) and Jeff Corey (Luke Benson in the same film). If anyone reading this knows of other Superman alumni who might be interested in attending, please get in touch with me. I know we can't produce anything to rival the the celebration shown in the television episode of 1955, but we will leave no doubt in the minds of anyone in attendance that the Adventures of Superman is a valuable part of our personal and television histories. Later in July, in this column, I'll report on the events of that day.

Also keep in mind the Variety ad to be published later this summer. We're still only about half way to our goal. Please... please send your contributions so that this ad may be published before October.

Many of you have questions about TAC #16. Well, I'm happy to say that everything's ready to go. This week I'll take the pages to the printer to get the cost of printing, and then I'll start taking orders. Look for a notice soon.

That's it for now... except to again give thanks to all of you for your interest and support. I'd feel might lonely and silly sitting here at my computer writing to myself. Hah, I'd be reduced to practicing my typing:

The quick brine fox jumped over the lazy dig.

Until next time,

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