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Hollywood Reporter Ad for November, 2001

In his article, "Superman Comes to Television" first published in The Adventures Continue #14, (Summer 1997), Michael J. Hayde gives a detailed account of how the Superman television series came to be. (See the George Reeves calender for a brief outline of the happenings that spring and summer of 1951.) On June 25, George Reeves signed his contract, and on July 10, filming began on Superman and the Mole-Men. The fifty-nine minute film took just eleven days to complete, and after just a weekend's rest, all again assembled on Monday morning to begin the Adventures of Superman!

So, the summer of 2001 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first season of Superman. To commemorate this important time, I'm proposing a full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter similar to the ones published in Variety 1989 and 1999 to remember George Reeves. Only this time, the ad will pay tribute to the series itself and everyone who helped make it a success. Each contributor's name will be listed on this web page and in the ad. If you'd like to contribute to this effort, please send your donation to me at:

Jim Nolt
220 N. Walnut St., #7
Lititz, PA 17543

Please indicate exactly how you want your name listed.

Amount collected as of September 22, 2001 -- $5,100

We made it!
Thank you all!

All contributors will have their names listed on this page and in the Hollywood Reporter ad when it's published in November, 2001. Any amount over the cost of the ad will be contributed to the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation in honor of the Adventures of Superman.


Jim Nolt
Lititz, Pennsylvania

Janet Harbison
Morganton, North Carolina

Armando Alvarez
Deltona, Florida

Rhonda Bloom
Havertown, Pennsylvania

Armand Vaquer
Tarzana, California

Don Hurley
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

Jesse Groth
Orlando, Florida

Randy Garrett
Franklin, Tennessee

Thomas R. Chenevert
Dunstable, Massachusetts

Tim James
St. Ann, Missouri

William Jeffrey McCarthy
Port Washington, New York

Ralph Schiller
Chicago, Illinois

John and Judy Bogle
Tigard, Oregon

William J. Schmeelk
Hillsdale, New Jersey

Carolyn Musella
Little Falls, New York

Tami and Brett Papworth
Palmdale, California

Brian R. Irwin
East Rockaway, New York

Gaetano LaMotta
Hollywood, California

Gary J. Panepinto
Granite Bay, California

Charles A. Begay
Omaha, Nebraska

Gene Cahill
Hackettstown, New Jersey

Marc Levenson
Dallas, Texas

Christopher L. Irving
New York, New York

Lou Koza
West Babylon, New York

Don West
Los Gatos, California

Skip Griparis
Chicago, Illinois

Phyllis Adams-Inman
Mount Upton, New York

Len Wolinsky
Toronto, Ontario

Janeen Christensen
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alvin N. Chu
Woodside, New York

Patricia Heinaman
Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Harvey J. Gilmore
Brooklyn, New York

Joseph Fusco
Columbus, Ohio

Ed Greenbaum
Great Neck, New York

Aaron Deutsch
Altamonte Springs, Florida

Bill Gagan
Owingsmills, Maryland

William R. Saunders III
Universal City, Texas

Lawrence Schwab
Phoenix, Arizona

Bryant Krause
Mira Loma, California

Hugh Troyer
Fairmont, West Virginia

Delmo Walters
Bronx, New York

John A. Guardalabene
Hartland, Wisconsin

Michael R. Cozzi
Jemison, Alabama

Robert, William, & Emily Harvey
West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Jan and Zoe Rekas
Burleigh Waters, Queensland

Mark Rothberg
Brooklyn, New York

Linda Billo
Peoria, Illinois

Dr. Tony and Sean Stapleton
Lakeland, Florida

Mitch Anheier
Peoria Heights, Illinois

Alexander Ghosh
Honolulu, Hawaii

Mike Korcek
DeKalb, Illinois

Richard Stammer
Linthicum, Maryland

John Hoving, CSW
New York, New York

Charles and Annie Glynn
Andover, New Jersey

Stephen Svitek
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Mark Morey
Amarillo, Texas

William Bailey
Palmdale, California

Mark K. Bayless
Berkeley, California

John Bast
Easton, Pennsylvania

Peter, John, and Paul Marino
Westhills, California

Ty and Cathy Klein
Mesquite, Texas

Paul Stutts
Greensboro, North Carolina

Jan Alan Henderson
Los Angeles, California

Paul Leonetti
Brooklyn, New York

Dave Schutz
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gary Emenitove
Omaha, Nebraska

Steven & Vicki Kirk
Eagle Rock, California

Robert Warshawsky
Rego Park, New York

Carmine Romeo
Lagrangeville, New York

Louie Rokas
Thomastown, Melbourne

Sam Sylvester
Marlboro, New York

Garry Manhart
Washington, Missouri

Susan J. de Golyer
Northridge, California

Ralph Schiller
Chicago, Illinois
(Second Contribution)

Jack Queen
Marietta, Georgia

Paul Larson
Mabel, Minnesota

Steven Jensen
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Allen Kretschmar
Sarasota, Florida

Gerald Ringi
Newport News, Virginia

Robbie Curlee
Barnwell, South Carolina

Mark Rothberg
Brooklyn, New York
(Second Contribution)

Vince Marzo
Glendale, California

Robert Prestifilippo
Baldwin, New York

Steve Eisen
Silver Springs, Maryland

Steven R. Jacobs
Natick, Massachusetts

Doug Stewart
Clinton, Iowa

William Armstrong
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Fred Profeta
Valley Stream, New York

Rocco Sicuranza
Bronxville, New York

Gary Lojacono
Tonawanda, New York

Thomas W. Silberman
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

Vincent Costa
Milan, Italy

Lou Antonicello
Jersey City, New Jersey

Jim Colson
Columbus, Ohio

Ross D. Peterson
Homewood, Illinois

Craig Seavers
Elk Grove, California

Richard Whitman
Adams, Massachusetts

Ronald Schaefer
Baltimore, Maryland

Gil Evans
Riverdale, New York

Tommy Doyle
Jarratt, Virginia

Michael Panzica
Williamsville, New York

Dr. Don Rhoden
Omaha, NE 68135

Stephen L. Brooks
Baltimore, Maryland

Ty and Cathy Klein
Mesquite, Texas
(Second Contribution)

Ronald Gravino
Colonia, New Jersey

Ian Middlemiss

Ben Burgraff
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Robert Papa
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Richard Swader
Elmira, Oregon

Ray Duke
San Antonio, Texas

Tom Schram
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kevin Flynn
Oakland, California

Gene Cahill
Hackettstown, New Jersey
(Second Contribution)

Gary Grossman
Los Angeles, California

Bruce Witwer
Valrico, Florida

Ray Mooney
Rutland, Vermont

Carroll Hall
Mount Airy, North Carolina

Scott Stevens
Colts Neck, New Jersey

Gary A. Stark
Beachwood, Ohio

Paul Leone Peters
Manhasset, New York

Albert W. Wells
Hoagland, Indiana

Lou Koza
West Babylon, New York
(Second Contribution)

George Likar
Joliet, Illinois

Don Calderone
Stuart, Florida

Michael Liguori
Las Vegas, Nevada

Bob Hagerty
Brooklyn, New York

Fabio Alexandre Rocha Marques
São Paulo, Brazil

Michael Migalski
Santa Ana, California

Mark Bayless
Berkeley, California
(Second Contribution)

Michael A. Ramey
Columbus, Ohio

Brad Shey
New York, New York

Jesse Groth
Orlando, Florida
(Second Contribution)

Chris Squires
Fresno, California

Dennis Pardoe
Lusby, Maryland

Don Holmes
Ashtabula, Ohio

Mary Spooner
Oceanside, California

Steven Cohen
Norwood, Massachusetts

John C. Norris
Nashville, Tennessee

Steven P. Cyr
Lawrence, Massachusetts

Jeff Minich
Cleveland, Ohio

Nelson Jimenez
Stamford, Connecticut

Scott Loveday
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Stuart Maynard
Takoma Park, Maryland

Kirk Hastings
Somers Point, New Jersey

Milt Storey
Corpus Christi, Texas

Tim Iverson
Mukwonago, WI

William Coburn
Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Thomas Brady
Levittown, New York

Steve Randisi
Pennsauken, New Jersey

Andrew Randisi
Pennsauken, New Jersey

Gary Mantakoony
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Lyle H. Diamond
Chicago, Illinois

Paul G. Smart
Edmond, Oklahoma

Scott Bleiberg
Sunrise, Florida

Robert Davis
Avon, New Jersey

David Capps
Martinez, California

John O'Neill
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Danny Fuchs
Bayside, New York

Doug Aleksey
Maspeth, New York

Andrew Klyde
Flushing, New York

Jim Armour
Deland, Florida

Mitch Anheier
Peoria Heights, Illinois
(Second Contribution)

Michael A. Puzio
Garfield, New Jersey

Bob Anderson
Woodbury, Minnesota

John E. Lowe
Sand Pedro, California

Barry Parker
West Hollywood, California

Tom Ginocchio
New York, New York

Daniel Rous
Paris, France

Hilton Garcia
New York, New York

Michael J. Hayde
Manassas, Virginia

Billie K. Mah
Edmonton, Alberta

Dave Venner
Kansas City, Missouri

Michael Goldman
Scottsdale, Arizona

Edward Kaminski
Warren, Pennsylvania

Scott Summitt
Vandalia, Ohio

Walter Miller
Randolph, Massachusetts

Mauricio Araujo
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

John Mikolay
Rutherford, New Jersey


Here's my contribution for the tribute in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the Adventures of Superman. Fifty Years! "It don't hardly seem that long. No sir, it sure don't." I'm so glad that fans of the series have a forum how to discuss the show and George. As I continue to say, thanks for all your efforts. I admire you for your dedication and hard work.

I'm sending this letter on Friday, October 13. Did you ever notice that whenever a calender was shown in the Maxwell episodes that was the date?

Take care,
Randy Garrett

Put me down for a contribution for the Variety ad. I hope the pittance I'll send to you isn't insulting. I haven't won the lottery lately, but I'll do what my state of Minnesota paycheck will allow. My vote is for the ad to go national. Why? In the words of the late John Hamilton, Great Caesar's Ghost! Because the show (and its cast and crew) bloody well deserve the recognition and our continued applause. Anything done well, and I mean really well, is worth remembering at every opportunity. Thank you, Jim, for helping us all light a candle for Mr. Reeves and anyone else connected with the Adventures of Superman.

Bob Anderson

Judy and I really appreciate your all you do. We have had a lot of fun and appreciate your letting us come for the ride.

Judy and John Bogle

I am making a contribution to the upcoming Variety ad for the 50th anniversary of the Adventures of Superman. The show has meant alot to me over the years, and George Reeves will always be THE definitive Superman to me. Sorry this amount isn't more, but I'm sure every little bit helps.

Best wishes,
Gene Cahill
November 29, 2000

My warm thanks for your work and dedication in preserving the memory of George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman. The show will always hold a very dond place in my heart for the happiness and enjoyment it provided to me as a youth.

As a young boy I often donned my red bathrobe around my shoulders and raced through my house as Superman. One time, as I pretended to change from Clark Kent to Superman, I tripped on a door frame, and my fake glasses caused a large gash in my forehead. It I look hard enough I can still find the very small scar thirty years later! I quickly learned that while I might be able to imitate my hero, I was a long way from possessing "powers and abilities far beyond those of mortel men!"

There is no question that for so many of us, George Reeves will always be the one and only Superman. Thanks again for your efforts. Or as George said in the "Superman Week" episode, "Thanks Pal!"

Christopher L. Irving

Here is my contribution for the Variety ad. I hope we make it! Wish this could be more. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

Phyllis Adams-Inman

Here's my contribution for the Adventures of Superman Anniversary Tribute. I want to thank you again for The Adventures Continue which is a great forum for us. I'm sure George Reeves is looking down to see how much he is truly loved and appreciated after all these years.

Thanks again,
Harvey J. Gilmore

Thanks for your efforts in keeping the memories of this wonderful program alive. I will never tire of rewatching the episodes and being transformed for a few magic moments to a youngster in front of the old Motorola ensconced in a walnut cabinet watching the Man of Steel, Lois, Jimmy, Mr. White, and Insp. Henderson.

Best wishes always,
Joe Fusco

Here is my contribution for the Variety ad. It's been 50 years -- gee, I don't feel that old as I watch those reruns. George keeps the kid in all of us going! Hope we can make the national edition.

Bryant Krause

The Adventures of Superman never grows
stale, its creativity, brilliance and imagination continue through the decades. But for us, the tribute includes the pioneering wonderland of the
Superman serials: notably, the portrayals of Noel Neill, Tommy Bond, Pierre Watkin and Carol Foreman. But the only true Superman has been George Reeves.

Jan and Zoe Rekas

Of all the television series and actors who played Superman, the Adventures of Superman and George Reeves will continue to live on to eternity. George Reeves was the best Superman ever. On the 50th anniversary of the start of its production, we never stop enjoying the wonderful series -- the original and always the best.

Mark Rothberg

This is a well-deserved tribute for one of America's great entertainment icons and the gifted actor(s) who brought a comic book to life.

Mike Korcek

Please accept my donation for theh proposed full-page Variety ad to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the frist season of Superman. If I were allowed to take only one television series to a desert island, this would be the one.

Thanks for allowing me to be a small part of a great effort to pay tribute to such a magnificent production for the early days of television. And thanks for "keeping it alive" with your amazing web site.

William Bailey

Here is our donation for the Variety tribute. I really do think it's a super idea to commemorate the show and honor the cast while some of these wonderful folks are still with us. I for one can never thank them enough for creating something so endearing and important. Without their hard work and effort there would be no Adventures of Superman. A big George smile and best wishes to you, Jim! Good luck with the tribute, and God bless.

Ty Klein

Not too many years ago I thought I must be the only one who still had a fond remembrance and appreciation of the series. Then I made the serendipitous decision in 1988 to stop at a local bookstore. While chatting with the manager, he mentioned that there was another Omahan -- Don Rhoden -- who not only enjoyed the series but also was publishing a fanzine! Wow, I wasn't alone! Flash forward 15 printed issues and coming up on 50 electronic issues, and thanks to you, Jim, The Adventures Continue is sill in business. Thanks for all you do. Many people appreciate it!

Gary Emenitove

Superman, in all his incarnations, has always been special to me (I even proposed to my wife dressed in the ol' red, yellow and blue!). I want to thank you for finding a way to bring us fans together to commemorate this event. It's one small way that we can remember and honor the memories of what Superman and the Adventures Of Superman has meant to us all.

Steven & Vicki Kirk

To the cast and crew who have created perhaps the most enjoyable, entertaining, interesting, and re-watchable television series I've come to know in my life. Well done and long live the Adventures of Superman.

Garry Manhart

Watching Superman made me feel secure as a child. During the times of being told to "duck and cover" in the event an atomic bomb was dropped and during turmoil at home, I felt that Superman would make everything turn out all for the best.

Thanks for everything.

Doug Stewart

This check is long overdue and smaller than I would like. The 50th Anniversary Tribute is a great way to commemorate the series we all remember and love. As we've discussed in previous correspondence, it was the entire ensemble of the perfect cast and a dedicated crew that made the Adventures of Superman come alive and stay alive for us even today. Not only was George the ideal Clark and Superman, but no one could play Lois, Jimmy, Perry, and Bill Henderson like Noel Neill, Jack Larson, John Hamilton, and Robert Shayne. Many thanks for your dedication and hard work in carrying the flame of the Adventures of Superman into the 21st Century!

Steve Brooks

As I approach my 50th, on July 29th, my thoughts turn to the happier moments that I had as a kid. To this day, when I hear the theme from the Adventures of Superman, I get a little shiver of a thrill. Thank you for taking the time to recognize something that seems small, but was in fact, a big part of many of our lives... I thank you as well, for allowing me to be a part of it. It's a wonderful birthday present for me!

Bob Hagerty.

Hi Jim Nolt,

I am a Superman fan from Brazil. I never really watched the Adventures of Superman in television, because I am twenty-six years old, but I already had watched some episodes in video and I know how important this series as for Superman popularity and for the comics in the fifties. I am glad to help you to make this gift for the series in its 50th anniversary. Congratulations Adventures of Superman and George Reeves, the man who made the hero real.

Fabio Alexandre Rocha Marques


I thought this would put you over the top but I guess someone beat me too it. Congratulations!! Loved the photos from Superman Week. Sure would have loved to be there with you. I will be in LA next month. I will be riding Superman The Escape at Magic Mountain and will dedicate that experience to George.

Brad Shey


I hope all is well. Enclosed is a check for TAC #16 and a donation for the ad. Talk about nearly missing the dealine!! I've been off of my home computer for most of the summer and missed all the GR events. Many thanks in advance for your "heroic" efforts.

Paul Smart


Here is my contribution to the Variety ad. I just had to help with this wonderful project.


I hope better late than never! Looking forward to seeing the ad, and (of course) let me know if you want/need any help with it!

Michael J. Hayde


In recognition of one of my very favorite television series of all time. I am privileged to be part of this milestone in television history. And this is in memoriam to those who lost their lives and to the survivors and their families on September 11, 2001.

Most sincerely,
Walter Miller, Jr.

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