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January, 2000

Happy New Year to all the readers of The Adventures Continue! The new year promises to bring some exciting happenings. The big news so far is the upcoming George Reeves Briography on the A&E network. Being produced by ABC News Productions for A&E, this Biography has been in production now for several weeks and promises to give us a balanced look at the life of George Reeves. I know Jack Larson and Noel Neill were interviewed along with many others who knew George. You'll also see Jan Alan Henderson and Chuck Harter. And I'm happy to say I was able to provide ABC News Productions with a wealth of information and several photographs, including several of George's real father, Don C. Brewer. Last week my contact told me it will be completed by the end of January, and as soon as an air date is set, she will let me know. Of course you'll learn about it here or in the pages of TAC, Jr.

I'm also currently working on The Adventures Continue #16. Included will be an short article by Robert Shayne's daughter, Stephanie Shayne Parkin. In an original story, "Trouble In The Old Home Town" by Steve Brooks, Superman returns to Smallville when he receives an urgent call from his mother and Aunt Edith (who, you will remember, came to live with Sarah after Eben died and Clark left home). Boyd Magers sent an interview he did with Walter Reed. Walter Reed and George Reeves were good friends. Most of you will remember Reed as Corrigan in Superman And The Mole-Men. Also Janeen Christensen provides another of her fine film reviews, this time Forever Female. Of course there will be many photographs and interesting tidbits. As soon as I can, I'll let you know how you can order this latest issue.

I want to apologize for my slowness in completing the web site episode guide. You have to remember that I work on all this -- the web site, the magazine, and the newsletter -- by myself, and the guide turned out to be more of a challange than I anticipated. I will keep working on it, however, until it's finished.

Finally, let's all join together in wishing the very beautiful Phyllis Coates a Happy 73rd Birthday on January 15. If you'd like an autographed photo of Phyllis, visit my autographs page for details.

For now, I wish you the very best in 2000 and beyond. May the new year bring you happiness, peace, and the fulfilment of all your wishes.


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