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Who are the fans of George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman? Why, more than 40 years after its television debut, do we continue to watch? Through the years I've discussed this with many people and have now decided to invite fans of George Reeves to put their thoughts in writing for this page. If you'd like to contribute, give the following questions some thought and e-mail your answers to me. I'll post them here so we can compare our thoughts and reinforce our devotion to George Reeves and the entire cast and crew of the Adventures of Superman. In addition to the questions below, there is one other I'd like to include: "If you could meet George today, what would you most want to say to him?" To read about people who actually did meet George Reeves, check out the Close Encounters page.

Paul G. Smart of Edmond, Oklahoma.

Paul writes: Herein are my answers to the questions you sent me by e-mail. I had a great time answering them. My wife guessed my favorite episode right off the bat! She is a real supporter of me collecting items from the Adventures of Superman. Coincidentally, she has quite a collection of Gone With The Wind items including photos which feature Reeves as one of the Tarlton twins. Following are my responses:

What was your first reaction to George Reeves and/or the Superman series?
It is the first television program I recall seeing. I was born in 1958 so I first saw it as a rerun. I believe I was four or five years of age. Even at that age I recall the series to be a serious show, definitely not a kiddy show. I was fascinated by Superman and surely must have believed he was real.

What are your 10 favorite episodes?

  • "The Human Bomb"
  • "The Mind Machine"
  • "Superman In Exile"
  • "The Stolen Costume"
  • "The Secret of Superman"
  • "The Birthday Letter"
  • "Panic In The Sky"
  • "Crime Wave"
  • "The Golden Vulture"
  • "Shot In The Dark

What are some of you favorite scenes from the series?

  • "The Stolen Costume" when the rope burglar accidentally discovers Superman's secret closet.
  • "The Mind Machine" when Clark supposedly helps "that poor woman in the car," changes to Superman, and begins to fly.
  • "The Birthday Letter" when Superman flies into Cathy Williams' window while she's reading a Superman comic book and when Superman flies Cathy over Metropolis. This is undoubtedly the most realistic flying footage of Superman with another person ever made for television or movies.
  • "Crime Wave" when, upon Superman's arrival at Dover's Cliff near Willow Falls, the two henchmen and the professor bait Superman into the specially constructed concrete room. The henchmen dare Superman to enter, "What's the matter" Are you afraid?" Superman smiles, "No, I'm not afraid."
  • "Superman in Exile" when Superman is at his cabin near Mount Blue Peak and, while listening to the radio, realizes that lighting could be that "counteracting shock of some kind" which is needed to reverse his radioactivity.

What interesting mistakes or inside jokes have you detected?
Other than Clark's references to himself and Superman ("Six of one, half-dozen of another") and occasional glimpses of wires, none.

Aside from Superman/Kent, who was your favorite character on the show and why?
Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane. She had great chemistry with Reeves. Her aggressive Lois played well against both Kent and Superman. She never hesitated to speak her mind. When she was stuck out on a ledge in "The Human Bomb" she didn't hesitate to protest to Superman about leaving her there. She would slap or step on the toes of a bad guy, if he got in her way, as well.

How do you view the series today, as an adult, differently from when you were a child?
Today I want to know who wrote and directed an episode, who wrote the music, who the guest stars were, which flying sequences were used, and I check to see if I can see the wires on the flying harness. Other than my curiosity about the production of the show, I enjoy is much the same now as when I was a child.

Why have you continued to watch the series and why do you consider yourself a George Reeves fan?
he first couple of seasons made this a darn good series. The acting was good, the directing was good, the stories were good, and the special effects were exceptional for their time. The shows contained drama, suspense, action, amusing tongue-in-cheek moments and occasional human interest stories. I have always wanted to say this, and I think many agree -- George Reeves' fun and jump takeoffs for flying are superior to any other portrayals on the screen. Also, I believe the show's depiction of Superman flying in the first season is superior to any depicted since. No matter how good the special effects are today, to show Superman flying at a rapid speed without his hair blowing or his cape tightly stretched is absurd. I'll take George Reeves flying, wires and all, above anything else I've seen. I am a George Reeves fan because he was my first hero. His Superman knew the difference between right and wrong, and he acted without hesitation. George Reeves, himself, seems to have been a genuinely kind person and a likable individual. He was a fine actor. Thanks for the opportunity for me to share my views of George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman.

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