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TAC, Jr. #1
From the publisher of The Adventures Continue

April 2, 1997:

Welcome to TAC,Jr. Occasionally when I learn of something interesting
concerning George Reeves and the Adventures of Superman I'll send it your
way via e-mail. If you don't care to receive these updates, please let me

Weather report from Pennsylvania: Two days ago I thought I had been
miraculously transported to a little radio shack just 50 miles outside of
Iceville, Alaska. What was described as a noreaster hit us, closing roads
and schools in the area. What a way to celebrate the second week of spring!
Today the temperatures are again rising, birds are chirping, and all seems

Well, the orders for TAC #13 and 14 are coming in. If you didn't receive
your order form, let me know and I'll send one on its way. I'm using the
time between now and April 19 (when all orders are due) to put the finishing
touches on the magazines and get everything ready to take to the printing

Several readers have reported receiving Volume 11 of the Columbia House
Superman series. To date, I've not received mine, however. One of the
episodes in volume 11 is "Beware the Wrecker," and Michael Hayde mentioned
something to me that he had not noted before. In the scene where Kent, Lois
and Jimmy first approach Henderson at the dock, watch closely and you'll see
a man with a briefcase come down the ramp and walk past them. But it isn't
just any man - it's Sanders (confidence man and jewel thief) who,
undoubtedly, was on his way out to the Golden Vulture to talk with Capt.

For those of you who read Filmfax, be on the look-out for a review of
Hollywood Kryptonite in an upcoming issue. The writer takes Kashner and
Schoenberger to task and questions both their writing and research skills.
On that subject, many readers have written asking what they can believe in
Hollywood Kryptonite. There is no doubt that TAC #13 will help answer that

Christopher Reeve will receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of fame this
month, and among the invited guests to the ceremony will be Jack Larson and
TAC reader Jim Bowers who has been instrumental in raising money for the
Reeve-Irvine Center in California. I'm sure Jim will take some pictures and
give us a report for a future issue of The Adventures Continue.

Speaking of future issues, TAC #15 is already in the works, and I expect
that (barring any unforeseen circumstances) I'll have it ready early next

That's it for now. I just looked at the clock - it's after 1 PM and I
haven't had lunch yet. Also, Sam is sending me signals that he'd like to
take a little walk outside.

Until next time... may all your adventures be happy ones.

The Adventures Continue . . .
. . .with George Reeves

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"