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October 1, 2001

I have some exceptionally good news today. The Adventures of Superman will
once again air on TV Land beginning October 21 at 4:30 AM. First up is
"Superman On Earth." All indications are that the series will air seven days
a week, in sequence, at this hour.


Under this heading I have both some good and bad news. The good news is that
the 50th Anniversary ad will be published in Variety in October. The ad will
feature Randy Garrett's logo, the words, Thanks for 50 years of Action!
Adventure! and Mystery!
along with the names of all the contributors. The
bad news is that the rates have gone up considerably since I first my first
contact with Variety earlier this year. At that time I was told we could
place the ad in both the East and West Coast editions for a total of $4,000.
The current rate is $4,888 for the West Coast edition alone. We have enough
to cover that, of course, but it leaves less than $200 to donate to the
Myasthenia Gravis Foundation. Still, I think all of you who supported this
effort did a miraculous job. I'll keep you posted.


TAC, Jr. #50 included a link to a petition encouraging the release of the
Adventures of Superman on DVD. I checked a few minutes ago and see 116
"signatures." I recognize many of those names. I don't know how many are
needed or if the powers that be will pay any attention to it whatsoever, but
it surely can't hurt to be counted. If you forgot about it, please take a
minute now to sign in.


Now that the summer of 50th Anniversary activities (Superman Week, TAC #16,
Variety ad) are winding down, I plan to devote more time to the web site. A
couple weeks ago, Marc Levenson wrote:

<< Good to hear about the growing ad fund and the excitement over Superman
week. I thought I'd pass on some personal information you might appreciate.
My new wife and I were married here in Dallas in a beautiful outdoor
ceremony on June 16th. I dedicated our wedding to the memory of George
Reeves, who, exactly forty two years earlier, left such a hole in our
memories and hearts. Forty two years later, he still has as much impact on
me as he had on a little seven year old boy. >>

That got me to thinking... I wonder what influence George Reeves and the
Adventures of Superman has had on the lives of others. If they impacted on
your life, tell me about it. E-mail me your story and pictures, and I'll
post them on a web page. Almost everyone who reads this newsletter and web
site has told me at one time or another... Gee, I thought I was the only one
who loved George and the series so much. Maybe you have a display of some
sort. Perhaps the series influenced your line of work or gave you some
direction in life. Well, now's your chance to share your thoughts. And as
Perry White would say... Be sure to get plenty of pictures.


Superman is known the world over and has had many incarnations. This isn't
the Adventures of Superman with George Reeves and the rest of our friends,
but William Armstrong stumbled across an interesting version of the Man of
Steel on his travels through the Internet. If you click on the links near the bottom
of Bill's page and follow his directions carefully, you can watch two streaming
videos of a Turkish Superman. Andwhile you're there, check some of the other
pages at Bill's site. I think you'll enjoy them.


Jerry Krumm, who contributed much to Randy Garrett's "Metropolis and
, wrote:

<<In the first season of Mannix, Joe worked for Intertact. I had a feeling
that these episodes might have used 40 acres as it was a Desilu show. Here
is a site showing Joe's custom Toronado on location at the western street at

Season two was done at Paramount. >>

Jerry also contributed a photo from "Miracle of the Bells" done at "Forty
Acres." Look for that photo on my web site in October. Did you see the photo
from Armand Vaquer that's posted there now? (

All contents (c) 2001 by Jim Nolt.

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