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More powerful than a locomotive...

Is there any one of us who doesn't recognize this image from the b&w years of the Adventures of Superman? In past years, readers of The Adventures Continue contributed some history to this image. And now Vince Marzo believes he has discovered the exact location where the train was filmed.

Jim, I am sending photographs that show the actual location where the scene was filmed. The location of the film site is just south of the Chatsworth Depot, below Lassen St. However, this is a locked/secure area now.

Looking at the track curvature, the pepper tree on the right side of the tracks, and the contours of the hills in the background, I'm convinced that I'm right. But please ask other readers to take a look and see what they think. [Vince Marzo, October, 2007]

The Adventures of Superman!
The locomotive as it appears in the introduction to the Adventures of Superman.


Union Pacific tracks looking westward.
Union Pacific tracks looked westward. Note the pepper tree on the right side of the tracks and the hills in the background. This photo was taken on the right side of the tracks, approximating the original location of the camera and cameraman. The tracks on the left side are a very long siding. Tracks on the right side are the original main line.


Westward view.
A westward view taken from the top of the mainline.


View from siding.
View taken from siding.


Looking southwest.
View of the area looking southwest. It's no longer farmland!


Approaching Amtrak train.
An approaching Amtrak passenger train.


Train nears the bridge.
The train nears the bridge I'm standing on.


Train heads toward LA
The train has passed, heading south toward Los Angeles.

Related photographs

Chatsworth Station
Chatsworth Station waiting platform.


Front of the Chatsworth Station.
Front of the Chatsworth Station.


Oat Mountain
Oat Mountain due north of Chatsworth Station.
Iverson Ranch was to the left (west) of Oat Mountain.


Location of original Chatsowrth Station.
Location of original Chatsworth Station. The old station was
demolished in 1962 despite efforts of preservationists to save it.
The current station, on the east side of the tracks was built in 1996.


Original Chatsworth Station.
Photo of the original Chatsworth Station which was
frequently used as a film location due to its rural setting.


Sourthern Pacific GS-3
Photo of the Southern Pacific GS-3 locomotive in the Santa Susanna Pass


ITrivia: t should be noted the introduction's train sequence was first shown in the 1940, James Cagney film City of Conquest.

Jim Nolt (Nov.13, 2007).

After all said and discussed regarding this topic, read the following:

The train shown in that intro was taken from the movie "The Beginning Or The End" (MGM, 1947). But where was it filmed? Michael Tortorella of Burlington, Vermont, has the answer. Compare the intro with Michael's Google Earth view of 4703 E. Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, CA.

Note the mountain tops are exact from it's vintage day to now.

 Trivia: It should be noted the introduction's train sequence was first shown in the 1940, James Cagney film City of Conquest.

Jim Nolt (January 14, 2011).

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