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December 2010

George Reeves helped sell these items, but didn't earn from them.

Image from Action Comics No. 212 - dated January 1956.

November 2010

Through the Time Barrier - Season 3, 1954   /   Action Comic 201 - February 1955
Bonus Image
Who is the man on the right who has quietly appeared in numerous episodes of the Adventures of Superman?


Bonus Image Answer

The gentleman that has appeared in several episodes of the Adventures of Superman is Bryan O'Byrne. Here he is as a ticket clerk in an episode of The Fugitive.

Bryan O'Byrne Fear in a Desert City - 1963

Mr. O'Byrne is seen here is David Janssen and Vera Miles.


October 25, 2010 -- The Adventures Continue has received confirmation of the death of Thol "Si" Simonson. Beginning with the second season, Simonson created the special effects seen on the Adventures Of Superman. Confirmation comes from D/Lt/C Rosemarie Radomsky, AP Secretary, District 13 of the Hollywood Yacht Club where Si was a member and past president. TAC thanks Michael Hayde for providing this information to us.

Information about Thol Simonson can be found on his IMDB.COM page.


October 2010

Test of a Warrior - Season 3, 1954 / Action Comic 200 - January 1955

September 2010

Jungle Goddess

August 2010

Top- Jeff DeHart on the set of the Talk of the Town with Robert Shayne, Jack Larson and Noel Neill.
Talk of the Town was a small cable tv show in Long Beach, California with host Jim Craig.
Bottom - Jeff and Noel in 2008.

July 2010


June 2010

Art Linkletter
July 17, 1912 – May 26, 2010
Photo credit: Randy Garrett

May 2010

TAC friend Delmo Walters meets Ruta Lee-Kilmonis

My Friend Superman, with Tito Vivolo, Edward Reider and Ruta Kilmonis.

April 2010

Noel Neill and Sterling Holloway from Man or Mouse.


March 2010

TAC sadly announces the passing of Ms. Bette Shayne.

Our Hearts and Prayers are with the Shayne family.

Elizabeth M. Shayne

December 1, 1921 - March 4, 2010

Provided by Brian McKernan.

February 2010


January 2009

George Reeves - January 5, 1914




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