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Super Outtakes
by Mr. X

Everytime I see a new production still, candid photograph or outtake footage from TAOS, I always try to match it to the episode and scene that was being shot when it was taken. For me, it's a lot of fun, and I'd like to share a few sets of photographs to illustrate this.

George Reeves preparing for flying shot.

George Reeves soars through the air.

Above left, we see George suspended by wires, preparing to film a process shot, and above right is from the finished product first used in 1953's "Shot in the Dark."

George Reeves prepares to stretch out arms.

And away he goes!

Above left, another process shot, as George prepares to stretch out his arms to pose for the famous flight scene on the right used repeatedly in 1953, with good reason, it was a wonderfully realistic shot.

George tests the springboard.

George leaps into the air.

Above left, a candid look at George hitting the springboard, and on the right, the same scene as actually filmed from 1954's "Clark Kent, Outlaw."

Up, up, and away!

Above left, George preparing for a "take" of the outdoor takeoff used in the color episodes, on the right, the finished product. Note that the position of boulders and shrubbery are identical in both pictures.

Lois and Jimmy go parking.

Lois behind the wheel.

On the left, Noel Neill and Jack Larson from an outtake shot in downtown Los Angeles. On the right, from 1955's "The Wedding of Superman," we see Noel in hot pursuit of a scoop.

Process shot.

One becomes two.

Above left, George posing for trick photography in 1957's "Divide and Conquer." Note the outlines around his boots on the left enabling him to be precisely positioned for this double exposure. On the right, the finished product, matted to the background of Superman's jail cell.

Superman does a double take.

Superman talks to himself.

Also from Divide and Conquer, George and his unidentified stunt double. My thanks to Lou Koza for allowing me to use this rare shot.

George in the flying rig for "Gentle Monster."

The finished product.

The above shots, from "The Gentle Monster", are not process shots, but just George filmed against a dark background.

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(July 11, 2006)


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