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Anyone who has benefited from the generosity of Mr. X. and his giveaway DVD's of restored episodes of the Adventures of Superman and Previews, know all too well.... let's hold it for a moment.

At almost the very start of this introduction, I thought it'd be more fitting if Jim Nolt took this one. So, without further delay to the preceedings, Jim, please take it way. Lou


In most of the country, the Adventures of Superman hit the airwaves in 1953, and it became an immediate hit. And so, like myriad others of a certain age, I wore my carefully designed Superman costume with pride as I "flew" around the house, "landed" with the requisite self-produced sound effect, and bent "steel" in my bare hands.

But even as I grew older and eventually gave up my play acting, I didn't give up on Superman and George Reeves. And, although I was unaware of it, neither did those countless other true and loyal fans of the series and the man. But beginning with the early years of The Adventures Continue magazine, we began to find each other. And we discovered something special about this group. You see, a great many of them possess "powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men." Oh, those powers and abilities don't extend to bending steel or changing the course of mighty rivers (at least to my knowledge), but very many have separate and unique talents: a talent for art, an uncanny knack for uncovering little known facts, an ear for music, an eye for minute detail.. and always accompanied by an unselfish desire to share with the others.

One such person is Dave Orbach, who, disguised as Mr. X, has fought a never-ending battle for truth and justice regarding both Superman and George Reeves. I've known Mr. X for many years, and he is always willing to share his discoveries about the series and the hard work put into it by so many behind the scenes. As you look through the pages of TAC online, you'll find his name connected with many articles.

And on these pages that follow (with an assist from Jody McGhee in the first section), he once again shares his findings and thoughts. And now... another exciting episode of The Adventures of Mr. X....

Jim Nolt - 3/28/2011


X-Factor Page 1

The Evolving "S" Emblem

The Everchanging Color Uniform

X Talks About Muscles

X-Factor Page 2

Super Stunts

The Color Factor

Hollywoodland Review


X-Factor Page 3

Warner Releases Season 3 & 4

Warner Releases Season 5 & 6

Look, Up in the Sky!



Thanks for Watching.

Lou (March 26, 2011)   

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