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Dear Friends,

Almost to a person, at one time or another, every reader of The Adventures
has expressed the same thought to me... "At one time I thought I
was the only one with so much admiration for George Reeves and the
Adventures of Superman. Of course, that wasn't true... there were, and
continue to be, many of us. And for the past thirteen years we've worked
together to uncover more information about the man and the series that I
ever thought possible. What started out as curiosity among us all turned
into hours of pleasant conversation, a parade of photographs, and pages upon
pages of information... all held together by our friendship and mutual
respect. You are among the most honest, giving, and talented people on
Earth. And for that, in my opinion, we can thank George Reeves himself.
The Adventures Continue is a celebration of a hero, and there was none
better than George Reeves. He was not the invincible hero he portrayed on
the screen, but a hero nonetheless... a hero who inspired us to be better
than we are.

The Adventures Continue has been published for a longer period of time
than George was Superman. But in that time, you, its readers, have carried
on in his tradition. Like George you have shown compassion, have donated
thousands of dollars to Myasthenia Gravis, and will, in his name, soon
contribute to the rebuilding of New York. I think he'd be honored and proud.

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the
heaven." And now I feel it's time for The Adventures Continue to end... at
least the magazine and newsletter portions. We've learned so much through
their pages, but I no longer have the time to give them the attention they
deserve. And because I'm so proud of both, I'd not want, due to my own
neglect, to see either one deteriorate into anything less than it's been
these many years... a first class publication.

My interest in George and the series will continue, however, and I'll be
posting information to the web site every chance I get. There are still many
interesting stories to tell. Stephen Brooks has promised another, and Kirk
Hastings has an interesting idea brewing. I invite all of you to check in
often. If fact, if you haven't looked lately, you might have already missed
the update to Randy Garrett's Metropolis and Mayberry. In Wally's Filling
, Jerry Krumm answers a question even George Lindsey was unable to

Next week, after almost a year of planning, our tribute to the Adventures
of Superman
will appear in The Hollywood Reporter. I think this is a
fitting end to our summer of celebration. In the days that follow, I'll
report to you exactly how much money was donated to MG and the September 11

I want to continue our friendship. Please feel free to write to me anytime
you have a question or just want to chat. I'll be here. And please continue
to alert me to magazine articles or when one of his movies appears in the TV

Finally, it seems appropriate that I write this to you today, just three
days before Thanksgiving, for you have given me so much to be thankful for.
Your friendship and support are second to none.

Have a wonderful holiday season.



 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"