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The Adventures of Superman
(Edited for Facebook)

Created by Bruce Kanin

Bruce Kanin – April 18, 2016

What is The Adventures of Superman (edited for Facebook)? Simply put, it is a collection of parodies involving The Adventures of Superman. They started out as one-off pictures, grew into a few panels depicting an entire scene for an episode, and eventually an entire episode.

On occasion, when an episode is so check full of material, it is presented in multiple parts – usually three. To date, great episodes such as “Panic in the Sky,” “Superman on Earth,” “Five Minutes to Doom,” and “The Man in the Lead Mask” have been given the three-part treatment.

In all of these, scenes are snipped from actual episodes but characters and stories are decidedly different from what happened in the original stories. Sometimes actual dialogue is used but in an entirely different context.

As well, dialogue and situations are often plagiarized from other TV shows and movies that are hopefully familiar to the audience.

With regard to the “(edited for Facebook)” suffix: that is a nod to the days when movies would be shortened for television and would open with a disclaimer “edited for television”. As well, all of these parodies have been posted to Facebook via “The Adventures Continue” group so wonderfully and graciously hosted by Jim Nolt.

One final comment: some might consider that these parodies are disrespectful to The Adventures of Superman and its cast. I can understand why someone might feel that way; everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. However, that has never been my intent. Just the opposite, in fact: The Adventures of Superman holds a special place in my memories – and my heart. I put it on the highest pedestal as the greatest television series about Superman ever made. TAOS set the gold standard for The Man of Steel for me. Having said that, perhaps because I hold the series in such high esteem, it’s even more pleasing to poke good-natured fun at.


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So let's begin with the initial single panel parodies:

And now that you have sampled the wit, wisdom, and wackiness of The Adventures of Superman (edited for Facebook), take an even closer look.


Mystery Of The Broken Statues

The Stolen Costume

Crime Wave

The Defeat Of Superman

Superman In Exile

The Face And The Voice

Jungle Devil

The Boy Who Hated Superman

Star Of Fate

Divide And Conquer

The Big Forget

Bonus: Lucy And Superman


Czar of the Underworld

The Man Who Could Read Minds

The Wedding Of Superman

Two and Three Parters

Superman On Earth

Five Minutes To Doom

The Man In The Lead Mask

Panic In The Sky

Divide And Conquer

Complete Episodes

The Haunted Lighthouse

The Monkey Mystery

Night Of Terror

The Secret Of Superman

No Holds Barred

The Deserted Village

Mystery In Wax

The Runaway Robot

Evil Three

The Human Bomb

The Big Squeeze

Jet Ace

Superman In Exile

A Ghost For Scotland Yard

The Face And The Voice

The Machine That Could Plot Crimes

Jungle Devil

The Clown Who Cried

Perry White's Scoop

Around The World With Superman

Through The Time Barrier

The Unlucky Number

The Girl Who Hired Superman

The Deadly Rock

Peril In Paris

Close Shave

Mr. Zero

The Last Knight

The Magic Secret

The Mysterious Cube

The Atomic Captive

Superman's Wife

The Brainy Burro

The Perils of Superman


Useful Titles


The Magic Secret

“Divide And Conquer: A Missed Opportunity

“Costume” Analysis

The Adventures Will Continue

"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"

Posted April 18, 2016