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By Colete Morlock



Cover photo: Gilmor Brown



John Doucette uncredited in Batman and Robin (1949)


Slugging it out in 1957's The Big Land


John Doucette with the great Jack Elam in

Thunder Over Arizona (1956)



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A tip of the hat goes out to Colete Morlock for submitting this wonderful and amazing journey into the world of John Doucette. It has become obvious that there is much to learn about the people who work in front of the camera. There they recreate an amazing world for us for which we would only wonder and dream about if the art of film-making had never come into existence. John Doucette is one of those kind of actors that made us believe what we were watching was realistic. Thank you Mr. Doucette.


Mr. Doucette is certainly a worthy iconic figure and bona fide bad guy as there ever was within the camera ranges of the Adventures of Superman.

A word from Gary Grossman:

Thank you for all the work and affection you put into your writing about John Doucette. You certainly constructed a warm and loving portrait of a face so familiar to us through "The Adventures of Superman" and hundreds of other appearances. I never met John, but now I feel the next best thing thanks to you.
Gary Grossman
Superman: Serial to Cereal

Thanks for Watching.

Lou (January 20, 2010)   

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