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LADIES OF TAOS: By Colete Morlock and Thom Hamilton


The Adventures Continue is pleased to present another Glass House Presents landmark feature. Ladies of TAOS is the second of a five-part phase to bring GHP - 50's TV Superman related information pages to TAC.

Below are links to the new TAC pages, which you will note that once you enter the pages they are contructed in the same manner as In Retrospect. Individual images from GHP were again consolidated into one image and applied to the respective actress.

What is interesting is that the actresses presented in these pages by Colete and Thom have had fine careers in the Hollywood industry. While it may have seemed like work to them at the time, especially after years of training, all of them at one time in their lives must have had a dream to be remembered like a star in the sky. Hollywood was the place where they brought their skills and were accepted by talent agents, producers, directors and peers. While these Ladies of TAOS never achieved Barbara Stanwyk type stardom, they still made it. Whether in the big-time or the small, they became the reconizable faces whose talents made us enjoy a film's story. Many times we didn't know their names. But we knew their faces.

The Adventures of Superman benefitted from their skills. I recall Jack Larson saying he was fortunate to have had worked with the very best character actors in the business. Who really could say otherwise?

I cannot thank Colete and Thom enough for their amazing efforts to keep the memory alive for work performed by these wonderful female character actors from so many years ago. You may wonder why is it we do this? Well, it's an easy answer. Because these performers are worth it. They have our respect. They should not ever be forgotten. What Colete and Thom are doing is a testement of the talents these great actors possessed.

To begin the journey, see links below.

Lou - March 12, 2011


Ladies of TAOS: Page 1

Allene Roberts
Gloria Talbot
Veda Ann Borg
Virginia Christine
Sarah Padden
Noel Neill

Ladies of TAOS: Page 2
Joi Lansing
Almira Sessions
Elizabeth Patterson
Ann Doran
Mabel Albertson
Maudie Prickette

Lilyan Chauvin

Effie Laird

Mira McKinney


Thanks for Watching.

Lou (March 12, 2011)   

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