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Photos of the Month, 2005


December, 2005

Superman takes off from Pier 31 in "Beware The Wrecker."
Composite by Randy Garrett

November, 2005

From the computer of Roy Wall comes
"Reunion at the Bayou"
and just for fun (you all know what a practical joker she is) ...

Madame Selena made another wax figure.

September and October, 2005

Instead of just a photo this month, I'd like to share this illustration and poem from Tony Avacato.

For "Our Superman"

Out of our hunger for heroes,
Those sweet nostalgias of a simpler time,
We prime that passion for the past no decades drown…
Instead a kinder sentiment is sent on breathless sounds
Wide-eyed in wonderment up-close in front of TV sets
Those wild naiveties when all seemed possible and real;

We choose not relics of those times but constant prayers
To fill those flickering screens
And somehow soothe the flow of graying tears;
See how resolute he stands, how warm the winning smile
That spans the many years, dispels our childhood fears
With his great strength
And innate kindnesses we always knew were there,
While through the air we flew like him in towels tied
And "Ss" drawn across our chests,
So when he died that purest innocence was lost
And we were taught to closet those sweet joys with hard intent;

But dreams die hard, immortal in their span some memories thrive
To stirring sounds of bullets bouncing-off, of speeding flight,
That locomotive surge, the sentimental urge to share with him
Some simpler time when heroes held our hands and all was pure.

Copyright2005 by Anthony Avacato

August, 2005

Do these qualify as a pic of the month? Below are two shots of Superman catching Hadley and the plane from "The Mind Machine." I believe the Superman in the first pic is a double. The other is obviously Reeves himself.

Mr. X

 Double of George Reeves in "Mind Machine"

 George Reeves in "Mind Machine"

June and July, 2005

Would you believe that some of the set decorations used in the first season of the Adventures of Superman still exist?
Rick, from Stairway to the Stars recently came across these two items and wrote:


I thought you might enjoy seeing these two survivors of RKO, both used in the Adventures of Superman (and one in Star Trek). I am still working on this project, but as it progresses it seems unlikely there are many more of a distinct nature, as the change in Studio(s) seems to have brought out a change in rented furniture and set decorations. Some pieces we identified had already been sold from the warehouse, such as the marble statue of David, first seen in "Jet Ace," and later used as an insert as George runs and leaps out of another open window at the end of the corridor. As an antique, with no regard to screen use, it was sold for $6,000. I read with great interest Michael Hayde's account of the first twenty-six. It did answer a few questions I had. Thanks so much for your help.


 Phyllis Coates in scene from "Mystery In Wax"  Phyllis Coates in scene from "Mystery In Wax"

May, 2005

April, 2005

Noel Neill publicizes Invasion USA (1952)
No, it's not the Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, it's our own beautiful
Noel Neill in a publicity shot from Invasion USA.
(Photo courtesy of Larry Ward)

March, 2005

From Carl Glass of Bakersfield, California...

This portrait, by Randy Garrett, is virtually a dream come true for me. George Reeves had something really special emanating from his being... something that makes us want you to hang out with him and be his friend. Thanks to Randy, that is now "a reality" for me.

When I first saw Randy's talents I got the idea in my head that perhaps he could do a portrait of me with George. However, the thought of an adult Carl with George was a little silly and out of date.

Then Randy asked if I could send several photos of myself as a youngster, and from them he selected a kindergarten photo. He then combined George and me in various poses. I liked the "Little Ricky" pose from I Love Lucy best because it was embedded in my mind and because sitting on George's shoulders is something I had always wanted to do as a child whenever I watched the Adventures of Superman. Up on his shoulder, being one of his pals. I love what Randy has done and treasure this portrait. Like George, I give Randy a "thumb's up!"

February, 2005

Weyerhaeurser Tree Company Train


I watched "Ghost Wolf" the other night and noticed a train with the name Weyerhaeuser Timber Company on the side of the coal car. I wasn't positive so I slowed down the film to get a good look. The train is the one that took Lois, Clark, and Jimmy to "the timber company out in Oregon from which we get most of our pulp wood." I did some research and found that the stock footage used was of the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company 4.

Best regards,
Bill McCarthy


January, 2005

George Reeves as Superman
Composite by Randy Garrett. From "Money to Burn"

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"