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TAC, Jr. #30 -- February 26, 1999


If you read TAC, Jr. #29 or have visited the Contributor's Page at lately, you
already know that we've surpassed the goal of $2,845 needed to place the
full-page George Reeves ad in Variety. I'm currently working to make final
arrangements with Variety and will notify you via TAC, Jr. when the ad is
scheduled to run and how you can get a copy. And remember, all extra funds
will be sent (on behalf of the readers of TAC) to the California Chapter of the
Myasthenia Gravis Foundation in memory of George Reeves. I will soon send
a check to Variety, but if any of you want to make a last-minute contribution,
please let me know.


Bette Shayne called me last week to report that all the photos Bob had
signed previous to his death are now sold out. There are no more. She wants
me to thank all of you who thought enough of Bob to request a photo, those
who were nice enough to include a message with your request, and those who
send her get well wishes after her recent surgery. Bette is doing fine and
is planning a trip to Las Vegas soon.


A few weeks ago I talked with Stephanie Shayne (Bob's daughter) about
writing an article for the next issue of TAC. She was delighted to be asked
and has promised to have it ready for TAC #16 later this year. You can see a
picture of a very young Stephanie Shayne with George Reeves in the newly
published Speeding Bullet, which is now available.


After many months, Jan Alan Henderson's Speeding Bullet is finally
available. To get your copy, send $19.95 plus $3.55 shipping to Jim Nolt,
220 N. Walnut St. #7, Lititz, PA 17543. I've already received some
very postive feedback from those who ordered early:

KIRK HASTINGS -- Speeding Bullet arrived today. It's fantastic! It really
looks good, and I've had a great time reading it. It's very factual, fair
and balanced -- and a far better book than Hollywood Kraptonite! Jan has a
lot to be proud of -- this book is great! I love the pictures too!

PHIL GALLO -- My book arrived yesterday. I didn't get home until 11:00, but
I had to take a look before going to bed. Those are great photos. I can't
wait to read through the entire book.

TONY STOKER -- I received Speeding Bullet in the mail last night and I
finished reading it tonight when I came home from work. As a matter of fact
I just got through with it. I literally could not put the book down because
it was so interesting. I had read some things on Mr. Reeves' death in the
past, saw some stories on television and heard the various rumors but this
book far surpasses anything. It is extremely well written and documented and
I am very pleased that I ordered it.

About three quarters of the way through the book I laid it down and put on a
video tape version of "The Secret of Superman" that I had copied off of Nick
At Night a few years back. A youthful George Reeves was portraying the
Superman that I remember and loved as a child. At that point in his Superman
career one could tell that he still had a lot of enthusiasm for the role,
either enthusiasm or professionalism. Whatever you would call it you could
tell that he was giving it the very best he had. It brought back a lot of
memories. As I was watching the show, I kept thinking about all of the
things that I had just got through reading from the book and how sad it was
to have everything end the way it did - for Mr. Reeves and all of us, his
fans. We missed a lot because I have no doubt he would have went on to do a
lot of very good things. Thanks for letting me know about the book.


The town of Metropolis, Illinois will again host a Superman Festival. The
guests for the June 10-13 Festival include Alex Ross, Justin Whalin, and
Kerry Gammill. There will also be an auction organized by David Olsen
( Feel free to e-mail David for auction info and a
booklet. You may call the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at (800) 949-5740
for general info and hotel accomodations.


Steve Jensen keeps a pretty close eye on his televsion listings and invites
everyone to watch the following:

Jungle Jim -- Mon 03/01/99 at 6:30am Central time on AMC (American Movie
Classics channel). Johnny Weissmuller, Virginia Grey, George Reeves, Lita
Baron, Rick Vallin, Holmes Herbert

The African adventurer faces witch doctors, sea serpents and wild animals
while searching for a rare medicinal potion. (1 hr. 30 min., 1948, Black &


I Was a Teen-age Frankenstein Mon 02/22/99 at 2:00am Central time on the
SCIFI channel.
Whit Bissell, Phyllis Coates, Gary Conway, Robert Burton, George Lynn, John

A 1950s descendant of the infamous doctor creates a new monster from
adolescent body parts.
(1 hr. 30 min., 1957, Black & White, Available on Video)


In TAC, Jr. #27 I reported that a CD of Superman music would soon be
released from Varese Sarabande. The CD will feature music from TV's
Adventures of Superman, Broadway's It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's
Superman, Superman:The Movie, Superman II, Superman III, Supergirl
and the Fleischer cartoons of the 40s. Latest word is that the CD will be
available on or about March 23. You might want to check out their web site
at Note: This is not the John Williams CD.


Those of you who read The Adventures Continue know Randy Garrett from the
fine art work featured on its pages. In a recent newsletter I noted that he
had the same last name as Lank Garrett ("Disappearing Lois") played by
Milton Frome. A few days later Randy wrote back:

<<Milton Frome was one of my favorite character actors because he was a real
ACTOR, much like Dabbs Greer. He could play anything from singing cowboy to
tough cop to second banana for Milton Berle. I once sent him a fan letter
and he kindly sent me an autographed photo. I wanted to have more
correspondence with him and maybe ask about George, but very shortly after I
received the photo, I read in Big Reel of his passing away.>>

I thought you might like to see Randy's photo and note:

The Adventures Continue . . . with George Reeves

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"