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TAC, Jr. #52
October 19, 2001


Don't forget... the Adventures of Superman returns to TVLand this Sunday
morning at 4:30 AM Eastern Time. First up is "Superman On Earth" with my
good friends, Robert Rockwell and Dabbs Greer. "Superman" is scheduled to
run every morning at that same time.

Note: TVLand has just done an about face and will not air Superman at this
time. If and when they decide to finally schedule the series again, I'll let you know.


According to program schedule on the TVLand website, our favorite episode of
I Love Lucy will air tonight, October 19, at 11:30 PM Eastern Time. "Lucy
and Superman" is, in my opinion one of the funniest shows of the series. Of
course George makes his famous appearance in this episode, but there is
another Superman connection as well. Doris Singleton, who plays Carolyn
Appleby, appeared in the 1954 Superman episode, "Jungle Devil." Thank John
Bast for checking the TV Land schedule for us.


The last two seasons of "Superman" were filmed at ZIV Studios. Founded by
Frederick Ziv, the studio was also home to a treasure trove of syndicated
shows of the 50s, including Sea Hunt, Highway Patrol, and The Cisco Kid.
Ziv died last Saturday in his home in Cincinnati at age 96. You can read
more about Ziv by clicking this link sent to us by Tom Chenevert.


In TAC, Jr. #50 Len Wolinsky reported that Kypton's Great Hall in "Superman
On Earth" was in reality California's Griffith Observatory. I asked if
anyone knew which observatory was used by Professor Roberts in "Panic In The
Sky." Vince Marzo, of Glendale, wrote that he believes it was the Polomar
. Can anyone confirm this?


The year long project to publish an paying tribute to the Adventures of
on its 50th anniversary is about to come to an end. Contributions
totaled over $5,000. The ad will be published in the November 27 issue of
The Hollywood Reporter. I chose this issue for two reasons. It will be the
special 71st anniversary issue of The Hollywood Reporter and because it
coincides with the theatrical release of Superman and the Mole-Men on
November 23, 1951. All materials must be to HR by October 31, so I urge all
contributors to take another look to make sure I didn't miss any names and
that they are all spelled correctly .

Also, if you want me to order a copy of The Hollywood Reporter for you, I
must have your order and money before October 30. This is a firm deadline. I
must place my order with Merry Elkins no later than October 31. Most issues
of HR run about 45 pages. Last year's anniversary issue was 150 pages. If
you want to order from me, the cost is $5.00 plus $3.50 shipping for a total
of $8.50. Remember, that is a firm deadline. I don't plan to order extra
copies. My address is:

Jim Nolt
220 N. Walnut St. #7
Lititz, PA 17543


Today Merry Elkins sent me a complimentary issue of The Hollywood Reporter
dated October 15, 2001. The story beginning a page one is "Superman: New
teen titan bolsters franchise." It is, of course, mostly about the new
series, Smallville, but it also includes a photo of George in costume from
"Lucy And Superman." From page 42:

<<Superman scored one of his biggest media successes just as his core fan
base -- comic book readers -- began to shrink drastically. Superhero comics
went into decline during the 1950s, replaced on most newsstands by horror,
crime and Western titles. But Superman survived, due in large part to the
ratings of The Adventures of Superman, a 1951-1957 TV series starring
George Reeves. Thanks to the show's popularity in syndication, the stocky,
genial Reeves remained the archetypal Superman for decades.>>


As soon as I get a final invoice from The Hollywood Reporter for the cost
of the ad an set up/designing fees, I'll give a full accounting of our
contributions to Myasthenia Gravis and NY Relief funds. Our original
intention was for 100% of our extra money to go to MG. When the problem with
Variety occurred, some readers asked if a portion could not be donated to
NY relief. For a while I was in a dither. It seemed that no matter what I
did, someone would be upset. That is not the spirit of The Adventures
nor the hoped for outcome of the fund drive. Then, The Hollywood
came to the rescue with the lower ad cost. Because we had extra
money, it seemed quite fair to donate to Myasthenia Gravis as we had
planned, and to send the extra savings, provided by The Hollywood
, to NY relief. I hope that is a fair compromise to all.

Now, I'm going to relax and get ready for "Lucy and Superman." Best wishes
to all for a relaxing weekend.


All contents (c) 2001 by Jim Nolt.

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