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Earlier this month Steve Brant and Jim Nolt treated TAC readers to an interesting page featuring Inspector Henderson patrol car. Like all the many cars featured on the show, the make? Nash. Then on March 7, while getting ready for my Kellogg's Corn Flakes breakfast I opened my morning New York Times newspaper. In doing so I was surprised by an article featuring a 1950 Nash Ambassador Custom. Later in the day, others like Steve, Bruce Dettman and Delmo Walters also found the article on the Internet and brought it to our attention. Delmo found this clip.

The owner of this Ambassador is a gentleman named Rich Conaty. We've never been familar with Rich, but let it be known, he has friends here at TAC should he ever contact us.

Nash vehicles were used in abundance with 1951's episode  The Mystery of the Broken Statues and throughout other episodes.

Right: Driver Philip Pine and Passenger Tris Coffin

Mid. Lt.: Driver Phyllis Coates in the famous Rambler

Mid. Rt.: An Ambassador driven by Metropolis Police.

Here's a nifty little Nash Metropolitan spotted by Colete Morlock at a local car meet in her area. This car was never featured in the show, but certainly would have been a welcomed site had the show lived long enough. It's a car just manly enough for Frank Smullins.

Thanks for Watching.

Lou (March 14, 2010)   


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