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The Adventures Continue
Saturday June 30 2018

Jim Nolt and Larry Ward put together another Adventures of Superman event. This one was held at the Renaissance Hotel near the LAX airport in Los Angeles California.

The event started with a video presentation put together and narrated by Brad Shey. I loved when he said that we loved this show when we were kids and still love it now that we are old and grey.

This event was a tribute to Noel Neil and Jack Larson who had left us just a few short years ago. Many speakers came to reminisce about their friendships with these two wonderful people.

The speakers who were:
Jim Nolt
Pam Munter
Rennie Chamberlain
Larry Ward
Marty Pasko
Alan Howard
Gary Grossman
Larry Blankley
Vincent Roth

The most important part of this event for me was seeing old friends. Getting reacquainted with these “Super Friend” is always exciting. Some of these friends Helen and I met in Metropolis Ill. during the Superman Celebration. Stephanie Perrin, Jeffrey Breslaur, Larry and Shelia Blankly, Steve Kirk, Greg and Sandy Moffet and the man who orchestrated this event, Larry Ward.

This is a fine group of Super Friends.

When the event started, others whom we have known for years came:

Beverly Washburn

Beverly had an excitement in her voice, she told me that this is something that she did 67 years ago and she is still part of all of this.

Scott Cranford

I was excited to meet Gary Grossman four years ago. When Gary came, I was excited that he remembered me.

A very big thrill for me was to finally meet Paul Peterson in person. We have been friends on Facebook for many years and now both Helen and had the pleasure to talk to him in person.

The biggest pleasure came for me and Helen was when we looked down the hall and saw Tony Dow walking towards the event. I grabbed Helen and said “Let's go talk with him.”

All around the Banquet Hall were memorabilia of Noel Neil provided by Larry Ward. There was a table of photos and documents that came from Jack Larson's estate. These were provided by Brad Shey. At the end of the presentation everyone went to the lobby of the hotel to have drinks and talk.

Helen and I had the pleasure of having dinner with Jeffrey Breslaur and his girlfriend Naomi Conners, Greg and Sandy Moffet and Stephanie Perrin.

We left Los Angeles Sunday morning. When we got home we went to bed at 11:20pm. I turned on the TV and looked to see what was recorded on the DVR and “The Stolen Elephant” was on. This was the episode of the Adventures of Superman that starred Greg Moffit.

I texted Greg to tell him and he said” You have my deepest sympathy. You know you would rather watch Mole Men.”

Thank you so very much Jim Nolt and Larry Ward for putting together another memorable get together.

"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"