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The Adventures Continue

TAC, Jr. #29
February 12, 1999

This is a short issue, but one of interest and importance, I'm sure.

1) WE MADE IT --

1) WE MADE IT --
We've made it! That counters say we did it! And I was just waiting for Rollo
to finish his act before I made the announcement. We now have the amount
needed to place the full-page tribute to George Reeves in Variety. Two
days ago the check putting us over the top came in. I want to thank all 118
contributors (and those whose checks have not yet arrived) who supported
this effort. I am going to continue taking contributions until the end of
February while I make final arrangements with the people at Variety. If
you haven't yet contributed and would still like to see your name included,
please get your checks to me in the next two weeks. I'll keep everyone
informed of my progress and will let you know how you can get a copy of
Variety when our tribute runs.

Remember, all extra money will be donated to the California Chapter of the
Myasthenia Gravis in memory of George Reeves who served as MG chairman in
the mid-50s.

The Adventures Continue . . . with George Reeves

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"