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Photos of the Month
July 2002 - December 2002

December, 2002

George Reeves' mother, Helen Bessolo
Caption on reverse side reads:
Flowers sent to me by my beloved son, George,
on Mother's Day, May 11, 1958.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Weissman,
Art Weissman's widow. Art was
George's personal manager.

November, 2002

When George was in New York in 1949,
he had this card made up to help him secure employment.

October, 2002

Kirk Alyn wears George Reeves' Superman costume
at the Christmas Parade in El Centro, California in 1960.
(Photo courtesy of Mike Curtis)

September, 2002

George Reeves' father,
Donald Brewer

August, 2002

From the 40s through the 50s, George Reeves wore a ring on the little finger of his left hand. There are two stories regarding its origin. Ellanora Reeves Rose, George's wife from 1940 to 49, told me she gave the ring to George. Art Weissman, however, told me the ring was a gift from George's Aunt Virgi, Virginia McKenzie. No matter its origin, there has be much speculation as to exactly what is on the ring. To date, this is the best photo I've seen. Can anyone identify the markings on this ring?

~ From the Readers ~

October, 2002 -- John Carman received this letter from a Signet Ring dealer:

Dear Mr. Carman:
Thank you for your inquiry. Without knowing anything about the wearer, it is a little difficult to assess the possible symbolism. However, we feel confident that this is an acorn surrounded by oak leaf wreaths or clusters.

The following may give you some insight as to the rings significance to the wearer. "An acorn represents a potentiality, something that with the right care and nurturing can grow into something far greater than it is at present (e.g. a huge oak tree that can last for many years beyond a human lifetime)."

"The acorn has long been considered a symbol of good luck in Germany where oak trees are considered sacred. The rebirth of life in the coming of the Christ child is also represented in the acorn. Bearing a tiny seed that will produce a mighty oak, the acorn reminds us that great results can be born of humble beginnings."

"The oak leaf wreath is symbolic of sturdiness and durability." An oak leaf cluster is also used in the US Military to indicate a subsequent award of the same medal for heroism (e.g. a second silver star). None of our catalogs show a similar ring. However, we will put you request on our search list and see what we can find from our suppliers or estate jewelry dealers over the next couple of months.

H. Garrett


August 20, 2002 -- Melissa C. Hiatt
If you turn the page upside down from the way it is presented on the web, in the part that looks like a stained glass window or a bumblebee's butt you can see the initials "V" and "M". The "V" is at the very top and the lowest point of the
"V" points down toward the center of the initial "M" which is in the middle of the "thistle", "bumblebee butt" or "window." The lower part of the ring is still somewhat of a mystery. It looks like some four-legged animal at the bottom of the ring with its hooves very near the edge. Remember I am looking at it upside down from the web presentation.


August 17, 2002 -- Dan Simons
I believe in the early part of the 1900's up until the 50's a style and sometimes necessity was a wax seal/ signet. My Mother still has a signet ring from the 30's. I venture to guess that is what George was wearing...since the design seems to be recessed in the picture and that would be the most logical deduction inferred.


August 16, 2002 -- Steve Beckley
To me, the design on the ring looks more like a coat of arms or family crest.
It would be interesting to see what the Brewer or Bessolo family crest looks like. Below is a sample from a family crest web site to illustrate my point.


August 15, 2002 -- Michael Mills
I may be wrong, but to me the image on Mr. Reeves' ring depicts an early version of the great seal of the United States. An eagle with wings spread, an E Pluribus Unum banner in its mouth, an olive branch held in one foot, arrows held in the other foot, and a stars and stripes shield in the foreground. The enclosed attachment will illustrate my point.


August 14, 2002 -- Ken
It looks to me as if the ring on George's finger depicts a scarab. It's very difficult to tell. But I'm fairly certain that the scarab design was quite popular around that time.


August 10, 2002 -- Danny Nader
I was checking your site for the TV Land listings andcame across the photo of the ring George wore. I would venture a guess that the design is a thistle or something along those lines.

This could suggest a possible membership in a lodge, fraternity, or an organization that shares common interests. It could also point the way towards his heritage or ancestral ties. To me this seems plausible. Perhaps more so if it came from his aunt. As her name is McKenzie, maybe this lends itself to the British Isles? Since your knowledge of George is probably deeper than the rest of us, I hope this will point you in a viable direction.

July, 2002

The apartment building at 1245 Vine Street in Hollywood
where John Hamilton once lived.
Current name is Villa Elaine Apartments.

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