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The Birthday Letter

I just watched “The Birthday Letter” and noticed that Kathy Williams and her mother (Virginia Carroll, Ralph Byrd's wife) live in a beautiful 1920s style apartment building, which has the street address of 80 North Euclid (see photo below). The building is next to a church.

I looked up the address on Google and found it belongs to 80 North Euclid Avenue in Pasadena!

Here's what I learned:

a) It's on the National Register of Historic Places for Los Angeles County.
b) Built by Edward B. Rust in 1926.
c) It's real name is "Town House Apartments."

The scene in “The Birthday Letter” shows a church: All Saints Episcopal Church (1925) at 132 North Euclid Avenue, also on the National Register of Historic Places for Los Angeles County.

The apartments are also a few blocks from Fuller Theological Seminary and 2.6 miles from 1447 North Michigan Avenue. Google it and you'll see how close it is to George Reeve's childhood home. Euclid Avenue - North and South - is part of the historic downtown in Pasadena.

Here's a link for you to examine. This looks like the church in the shot, which could have been purchased stock footage for the episode.

1. If you search "All Saints Church" in the Los Angeles Public Library Digital Catalog, you will find this photo.

It's intriguing - why did they use this shot for the episode, rather than an apartment building in Los Angeles? Does it have any personal connections to Reeves or other crew members?

Best to you,
Serena Enger
May, 2007


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