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January - February 2007


Ad from North Carolina edition of
TV Guide, Nov.14-20, 1964
Contribution from Carroll Hall: "where is the cape?"

March 2007

Phyllis Coates makes a rare appearance (in Feb. 2007) at a
Hollywood Collectors Show in Burbank, Ca.
Photo contribution from Armand Vaquer


April - May 2007

Noel Neill fans gather at the Gotham City Collector's Show
March 31, 2007:
promoted by Gary Lyons and Terry Soto.
Back row (l to r): Brian Postman, Steve Randisi, Joe "Shorty"Caruso, Lou Koza
Center row (l to r): Susan Schnitzer, Gail McIntyre, Noel Neill
Front row (l to r): Eddie Caro and Bill Dillane.
We are "the Friends of the People's Friend."
Photo taken by Larry Ward and courtesy of Bill Dillane

July - August 2007

Mr. Jack Larson and Randy Garrett - Metropolis Il, June 1996

September 2007

Inspector strikes a mighty pose from The Talkative Dummy
Maybe Bill Henderson is SUPERMAN.

October 2007

"...and they call me SUPERMAN!!"
Image taken from Tribute to Lucille Ball Pavillion
at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, Universal City California.


 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"