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George Reeves Personal Appearance

Hartford, Connecticut

The Hartford Courant, January 18 - 27, 1957

30,000+ Autographed photos distributed

Images provided by Bill Dillane and Lou Koza

In Gary Grossman's book, Superman: Serial to Cereal, on page 56 is an illustration of George in the Superman costume. Why the image includes George with devilish horns and a tail is a mystery. (See bottom of page). The letterhead of this illustration refers to the Connecticut Sportsman and Boat Show Inc. event.

What Bill Dillane has uncovered here for the very first time since this event is the amazing newspaper coverage of George's appearance. What a thrill this must have been for these youngsters of the time.


For a color recreation of the above crowd image by Randy Garrett, go to the bottom of the page at the 2009 Year In Review. click here



Posted: November 25, 2008

Updated: 01/20/2012, added Superman Arrives Here; Kent 'Joins" Courant Staff, Show Open With Bang, and color illustration image.


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