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Our Favorite Character Actors From the Adventures of Superman

Part 1

Bad guys, good guys, bad girls turned good girls. The Adventures of Superman had them all. Those lovable characters we are so familiar with from television's Superman. The Adventures of Superman had the great fortune to include many of Hollywood's character actors. To these actors who helped to make Superman believable on the screen it was just a job. To us fans, they become part of the family known as the Adventures of Superman. How many times have we as fans seen these and other performers elsewhere in other films? See below for some that TAC has found.

Ocean's Eleven (1960) Murray Alper (Sanders) from The Golden Vulture and Bob Foulk (Big Tom Rufus) from The Deadly Rock. This is a fun film to watch. The Rat Pack at their best.



High Plains Drifter (1973) Billy Curtis (Mr. Zero, Zero Minus One) from Mr. Zero. Also played the injured mole man from Superman and the Mole Men, a.k.a. The Unknown People. Billy commented on working with tall rangy Clint Eastwood. "I got a stiff neck, but it was a wonderful part."


Mrs. Miniver (1942) Rhys Willaims (Macy) from The Evil Three. A wonderful story about an family dealing with World War Two and a local flower contest.


After the Thin Man (1936) Paul Fix (Fingers) from Semi-Private Eye. One of the many wonderful films from the snoop Thin Man series.


The Red Skelton Show, TV Episode: Munsun's Red Herring (1957) Peter Mamakos (Happy King) The Defeat of Superman. Red is halarious, warm and forever wonderful.


Sabrina (1954) The 1953 Nash-Healy from The Man Who Could Read Minds. Now of course the sports car George Reeves drove on the Superman show is not an actor, but just the same as affectionate. Be sure to be visit a startling discovery of the original one and only 1953 Nash-Healy used on the Adventures of Superman. Yes, it still exists.


The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, TV Episode: Space Patrol Girls (1950) Pierre Watkin (Harry Green) from The Case of the Talkative Dummy. Zany and fun loving can best discribe Gracie and George Allen.


Maverick, TV Episode: Shaddy Deal at Sunny Acres (1958) Sid Saylor (Mr. Marco the Ventriloquist) from The Case of the Talkative Dummy. Smooth talkin is what Bret Maverick's Pappy always said he was.


The House on Haunted Hill (1959) Elisha Cook Jr. (Homer Garritty) from Semi-Private Eye. After all these years, this film still envokes the child in me and nightmares. Great fun to watch. Just don't go in the basement


Spartacus (1960) Robert Wilke (Lynch) from Perry White's Scoop. An all time great film about the rise from slavery to freedom against tremendous odds under the rule of the Roman Empire.


Spartacus (1960) Peter Brocco (Dr. Ort) from The Secret of Superman.


Wanted: Dead or Alive, TV Episode: The Givaway Gun (1958) John Harmon (Clicker) from The Magic Necklace. Bounty Hunting with compassion and toughness. Tommy Carr and George Blair directors. Anyone know these gents?


Wanted: Dead or Alive, TV Episode: The Givaway Gun (1958) Paul Stadler, (stuntman) for The Mind Machine. Paul is the cowboy on the left.


Wanted: Dead or Alive, TV Episode: Fatal Memory (1958) Gloria Talbott (Myra Van Cleaver) from The Girl Who Hired Superman.


The Green Mile (1999) Dabbs Greer (Joe Winters) from Five Minutes to Doom. This entry is of special interest to me. In July of 2001, we celebrated of the 50th Anniversary of the Adventures of Superman. Jim Nolt, his daughter Lisa and I had the honor and privelege to visit Mr. Dabbs Greer at his home. During our visit Dabbs discussed with us his many film roles and his affection for his long time, good friend George Reeves. One highlight of our visit was Dabbs fondly recalling his days filming for The Green Mile. He was very pleased with his work and most of all how very special he was treated by the producer, director and the crew. Dabbs is perhaps the most familiar face on television and in the theater screen. He has appeared most recently in 2003, on TV's Lizzie McQuire with today's popular star Hillary Duff and as far back as 1949, totaling 249 films. He has been in countless TV shows as a lawyer or a chaplain on The Dick Van Dyke Show, a priest on Little House on the Prairie, doctors, judges and so many more appearances. He has a career any actor would welcome. In choosing this image it was very difficult because there were so many beautiful moments throughout his performance to capture. Interesting to note is the DVD chapter title listed for this image as Same as Always. I think if one were to appropriately describe Dabbs, Same as Always would be fitting. Dabbs gave a most wonderful performance in The Green Mile, same as always. And we love him just the same, always.


If you have images you'd like to forward of our friends from the Adventures of Superman, please do so and if we update the site we'll give you credit.

Thanks for Watching.

Lou (February 16, 2006)

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