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Brad Shey and many other fans of Jack Larson were delighted to spend the day with him on August 16, 2014 when Jack was the special guest at Celebration 2014 in Burbank. Early in the day we gathered in Tarzana to dedicate a plaque on Wilbur Avenue at the location where the cast of the Adventures of Superman began the hunt for the phantom burgler in “The Man Who Could Read Minds” (1953). Later in the day, Jack attended a luncheon at the Beverly Garland (now The Garland) in Burbank.

Jack passed away in September, 2015. Brad and a few other fans attended a memorial service for Jack in December of that same year. Later, when parts of Jack's estate were offered at auction, Brad bid on a collection of his contracts and letters so he could share them here with us.

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Jack Larson's 1953 Contract

Posted April 5, 2017

"Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"