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To many fans, Around the World with Superman ranks as one of the most admired episodes. Should you happen to read through most fans list of their top ten favorite episodes a good chance this excellent episode is among the list. For both Jim Nolt and me, this classic is listed as our number 1 choice. Many fans of the George Reeves Adventures of Superman television show have for many years expressed hope that we at TAC would someday feature a Judy Nugent interview. Judy Nugent is the actress who played the little blind girl Ann Carson. She enters and wins a Daily Planet contest to travel around the world. But Ann is adamant about not going. She entered the contest so her mother could go. But the contest is for children and of course Perry White's blood pressure boils to an all-time high noting that only at the Daily Planet can a simple contest go haywire. Ann is also adamant that there is no such thing as Superman. To Ann, seeing is believing and unfortunately she is blind caused by a car accident. Clark Kent his best to prove to Ann that dreams can come true with a little hope and yes, help from Superman.

A couple of years ago, I did a little research at the website and found to my surprise Ms. Nugent was married to television cowboy Buck Taylor. Anyone who knows who Buck is knows his father is Dub Taylor, also known for his part in many westerns. Judy and Buck together had a son named Adam who was married to Anne Lockhart, daughter of June Lockhart. Small world.

Based on the finding, I posted a tidbit at Dave Schutz's Adventures of Superman Friendly Discussion Board and in doing so mentioned if anyone were ever to come across Anne Lockhart at a collectable-autograph show would they please pass on to her that we at TAC are very much interested in connecting wth her mother-in-law. For Sci-fi fans, Anne Lockhart is best known for her Battlestar Gallactica television series from 1978 to '79.

Not long after we discussed Ms. Nugent's relation to Anne Lockhart, it came to our attention she was appearing at a New Jersey collectable show. Because of other commitments I was unable to attend the weekend event. However, Eddie Caro, a long time friend of TAC's informed me he would be attending and he would be sure to meet Anne Lockhart. I e-mailed Eddie a photo of Judy and George together during a scene which they were in flight around the world as Ann Carson and Superman.

Photo provided by Lou Koza

Eddie attending the event happily found his way to Anne's table and introduced himself and expressed his interest in meeting her. Eddie showed her the photo of Judy Nugent. To her surprise she was totally unaware Judy appeared on Superman. Eddie also told her about the TAC website and our interest. Most notable that of Jim Nolt, who has for many years greatly admired Judy and has often wondered about her whereabouts. Eddie asked Anne if it would be ok if she would speak to Jim via cell phone so Jim could say hello and extend his special interest. Anne agreed and within a few minutes they were chatting about Judy Nugent. Anne stated she would extend our interest to Judy. Jim wrote two letters to Judy, but unfortunately she never reponded.

Interviews with Judy Nugent are extremely rare. Jim was in contact with Boyd Magers owner of Western Clippings website who featured the Judy Nugent Interview first in his Western Clippings magazine. Jim had this to say; I had talked with Boyd several years ago after she did an interview with him and got her address from Boyd, but Judy never responded to my two letters. And Boyd is the person who told me she won't do anymore interviews.

This is disheartening to know. We would love to read extensively about her days with the cast of the Adventures of Superman. Especially her flight around the world with the Man of Steel. Even though it was just a studio performance. Judy seemed to have a genuine chemistry with George. Her scenes with Noel Neill are also wonderful to watch.

The interview with Ms. Nugent was conducted by Mike Fitzgerald, who we learn from Boyd sadly passed away. Milt Storey came by the interview at Boyd's Western Clippings website and we thank him for this find.

This on-line interview shown below is found here at Western Clippings.

You'd also enjoy the print version that is published bi-monthly and keeps you up to date on westerns, books, festivals, columnists, news, etc. This interview originally published in Boyd Magers' WESTERN CLIPPINGS. Subscriptions are $29.20 (lst class) per year. Published bi-monthly, 6 times per year, now in our 16th year. Sample copy: $5. 1312 Stagecoach Rd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 (505)292-0049 or go to our website If you love westerns this site and magazine subsciption is certainly for you.

Without further delay, we present Judy Nugent as presented in WESTERN CLIPPINGS #19 (Sept./Oct. 1997) issue. I'm sure you will find her to be candid, open and extremely friendly. With all the due respect to Mike Fitzgerald and thanks to Boyd Magers.


Judy and Annette Funicello in Walt Disney Presents: Annette

Image provided by Milt Storey


Image provided by Milt Storey


Photo provided by Lou Koza

For more of Judy Anne Nugent

Special thanks to Milt Storey for making us aware of the Judy Nugent Interview.


Thanks for Watching.

Lou (October 9, 2009)   


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