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Jeff Minich of Cleveland, Ohio

What was your first reaction to George Reeves and/or the Superman series?
I was hooked from the start! Here was a guy that could fly! Here was a guy that people could depend on to always come through, no matter what. I watched the Adventures of Superman even before I knew that Superman comics existed.

And who, disguised as Mondo...

What are your 10 favorite episodes?
"Panic in the Sky"
"The Big Freeze"
"The Stolen Costume"
"Crime Wave"
"Superman in Exile"
"The Face and the Voice"
"Divide and Conquer"
"The Big Forget"
"All that Glitters"
"Mystery in Wax"

What are some of your favorite scenes from the series?
My all time favorite scene comes from "Panic in the Sky". Clark is in his apartment wearing "the suit" but he has yet to realize that he really is Superman. From the point where he slams his fist down and splinters the table to the scene where he takes off and destroys "Superman's Moon" is nothing short of perfection. If I could only watch one short example of the Adventures of Superman, that would be it.

What interesting mistakes or inside jokes have you detected?
Again, from "Panic in the Sky": If you look closely at the shot of the Earth you'll see a rag or crumpled up piece of paper "floating" in space!

Aside from Superman/Kent, who was your favorite character on the show and why?
That has to be Perry White! John Hamilton was a master. Plus, even though he liked to think of himself as a rough and tough newsman, you knew that deep down he truly cared about the people that he worked with.

How do you view the series today, as an adult, differently from when you were a child?
I'm an adult for most of the day! When I watch the Adventures of Superman, I watch it through the same eyes that first saw it over forty years ago.

Why have you continued to watch the series and why do you consider yourself a George Reeves fan?
The show still can raise the hair on the back of my neck and give me goosebumps.
George Reeves brought a magic to the role that has yet to be duplicated. I've enjoyed other Superman portrayals but no actor can even come close to George!

 "Like The Only Real Magic -- The Magic Of Knowledge"