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Vicki Bigelow – Ace Reporter

It was a quiet week in Metropolis where I work at TAC, a subsidiary of the Daily Planet. And because of recent budget cuts, we sometimes share resources. Jimmy and Clark were covering the flower show, Lois had once again taken over over the advice to the love-lorn column, and because the steam heater in his office was again on the fritz again (and his feet get cold when he works late), White was spending more and more time in Kent's office.

I was on the lower level, behind my desk at TAC, when the call came in. Chief, this is Vicki. I've got a hot lead on some information that will blow TAC wide open. Don't run anything on me until I get back. See you in a few days.

Naturally, none of this made any sense, but not more than a few minutes later I heard Vicki's car leave the TAC parking garage and head out of town.

Several days went by with no word, and I began to worry, so I phoned Henderson down at police headquarters. Without much to go on, there was little he could do. After all, the only thing I knew what that Vicki was on to something and left left town so fast her tires squealed.

As luck would have it, Kent happened by just as I was relaying this information to Henderson.

Who left town so fast her tires squealed, Chief?”

Kent, you are an eavesdropper,” I grumbled.

And what good reporter isn't? Come on, Nolt, give.”

An old aunt,” I said to throw him off the track.

An old aunt, huh? Well, she should be more careful. If she goes barreling through Ackport like that, she's liable to wind up in trouble.”

Oh, what's the use. Vicki's off on some wild lead, Kent. She phoned in from the Helen Warner branch of the Willard Public Library in Battle Creek... but that was three days ago, and I haven't heard from her since. ”

Without a moment's thought, Kent said, “I”ll get on it right away.”

Better clear it with White first, Kent. You know what he's like when his reporters go off on their own.

But then, without warning, Vicki walked in and laid her George Reeves research project on my desk... and once again we got a clean beat over every other internet fanzine in town.

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